American Idol Season 13 Winner Chosen (Review & Videos)

American Idol Season 13 Winner Chosen (Review & Videos)
The time has come, American Idol fans, when we will finally learn who the winner of Season 13 is! Tonight, the winner of this season of American Idol will be revealed! Will it be the rocker, Caleb, or — the rocker, Jena Irene? It’s going to be a two-hour episode, with Jena performing a song with Paramore and Caleb will be singing with Kiss! Also, other competitors from this season will be returning, to sing with famous performers such as Jason Mraz. It should be a fantastic episode.

Jena and Caleb go up in the same elevator that they went up in the very first time they auditioned for American Idol, They reminisced a bit; then, American Idol opened up with Caleb singing the Queen song, “We Will Rock You.”  Jena walked down the aisle, singing “Just a Girl” by Gwen Stefani and No Doubt. IT WAS AMAZING! They both then sang “It’s Only Love” together. The audience gave them a standing ovation — heck, they were standing up the entire performance, actually.

Ryan Seacrest began the rest of the episode by saying that they were coming live from the Nokia Theater in L.A. Then, he introduced the three judges, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick, Junior, then he brought Caleb and Jena onstage and talked about their journey so far. He asked Jena if she’d gotten any sleep, and she said “Not really.”

There were a ton of people in the audience for both Jena and Caleb. When Ryan asked who was for Jena, and who was for Caleb, more people there cheered for Caleb, whether that means anything in who won tonight or not.

After a commercial break, Ryan introduced Sam Woolf, who sang with Philip Phillips the combination of “Home”/”Raging Fire.” It was a great performance — they both ROCKED IT OUT! Sam Woolf started the song off — the entire performance, the audience were on their feet and clapping and cheering. Then, American Idol went to a commercial break.

When American Idol returned from another break, Jennifer Nettles sang “That Girl.” She had been with Sugarland previously. Then, Jessica Meuse took the stage, to sing “Wrecking Ball” with Jennifer. Again, they both KILLED this Miley Cyrus song! How did Jessica not end up in the finales? As they finished singing, they gave each other a hug.

Then, Ryan introduced Randy Jackson, who had a pink sports coat on. Randy talked about Caleb and Jena’s growth since the beginning of the season. Randy said he was “so proud” of both of them.

Jennifer Lopez followed with a performance of her own, “First Love.” She is looking as HOT as ever! This was possibly an even better song and performance than when she sang “I Luh You Papi” earlier this season. Then, Jennifer wasn’t done — drumas began pounding, and she danced an even wilder dance to “First Love,” with male dancers also on stage with her. She ended the song with the line: “I’m still Jenny from the block!” The audience and other judges all gave her a standing ovation — she was INCREDIBLE!

Back from a break, Caleb and KISS sang “Love Gun”/”Shout It Out Loud” combined! Caleb shared frontman duty. He KILLED the songs!  Keith and Harry — yes, Harry — were on their feet, jamming out to the music. Harry’s not holding back tonight with his enthusiasm!

Caleb’s brother, Houston, came onstage to meet KISS — his face was painted like theirs (WILD)  — then, Ryan took the show to another commercial break.  Already, this Finale is shaping up to be more entertaining, IMHO, than the season Finale for The Voice. Opinions may vary, of course….

Then, Ryan introduced a rather silly segment, in which words were altered to songs that the performers had sang.  After that, we saw a  performance by Sam Woolf, Aloe Blaac, Caleb, Alex Preston, and a couple of others, of “I’m a Man,” that was pretty amazing.

Caleb requested on his “rider” crazy things like a Persian rug and stuffed giraffe a,d a turntable.  Jena requested cats, among other things; then, they were presented with new Ford Mustangs! They even were given personalized tags with their first names on them!

Caleb and Jena had tickets given to two people who helped out with their careers, and they also said on behalf of Ford, both would be given new Ford Fusions — pretty cool!

Next, Demi Lovato sang . J-Lo rocked out as she sang. Then, some of the American Idol female competitors from this past season sang onstage with Demi. They sang “Really Don’t Care”/ “Neon Lights.”  What an AWESOME performance! This season had some of the best female singers American Idol has ever had before. The audience and judges gave Demi and the other singers a standing ovation.

When American Idol returned, the American Idols from this season talked about the upcoming tour and how to get tickets to it.

Then, Jena Irene played the piano, and she sang.  She sounded so great — it was a set-up for Paramore, who Jena introduced and then sang “Decode”/”Ain’t It Fun”” with Paramore. How terrific was THAT! Jean really looked at home on the stage, ROCKING THE SONGS OUT! Large yellow balloons were in the audience at the end of the performance. Then, American Idol went to another commercial break.

Back from break, Ryan again explained how you, America, can try out either in person or online for Season 14 of American Idol. He added “Auditioning for American Idol has never been easier!”

Ryan then introduced John Legend, who sang “You and I” as he played the piano. The audience clapped along and cheered as he sang. Violinists played in the background. Then Malaya Watson  joined John, who was still playing the piano, and they sang “Breathing Fire”/”All of Me.” It was a very beautiful and melodic performance.

Ryan then took us back where it all began, at the auditions. We saw some of the performers getting Golden Tickets, and others getting cut. Hollywood was another tough step along the way, and the Wild Card Picks. Ryan then introduced Alex Preston and Jason Mraz, singing “Love Someone .”  Jason was wearing a hat as they both sang. Then, the tempo and pace got faster.  Alex and Jason did a TERRIFIC job! American Idol has had a lot of very good performances tonight!

After another commercial break, Ryan Seacrest sang and all of the judges were standing the entire song. Then, he introduced Richard Marx, who played the piano as he sang a duet of the same song Ryan had been singing, “Right Here Waiting.”  The audience went CRAZY as they finished singing. Ryan said he apologized for how he sounded.

Next, Ryan showed a clip of highlights, or lowlights, depending of how you look at it, of the judges this past season. Harry was called “Professor Harry” cuz he talked about stuff like “You know what 2 and 4 is, right?”

Keith and his quote about a “musical platypus” made it to the Finale, and competitors hugging J-Lo and saying how they had always loved her singing when they auditioned.

Ryan introduced Darius Rucker, who sang “True Believers”/ “Alright” with C.J. Harris and Dexter Roberts. Gotta have some country music represented this episode, right? They did great, and the judges and audience stood up to applaud for them. Then, Ryan said Lady Antebellum would sing after the next break, and the judges and Ryan would also take the stage.

Caleb and Jena introduced Lady Antebellum, singing their new song “Bartender.” It sounded pretty cool, not bad at all.  The audience clapped along as they sang with their hands above their heads. They probably haven’t sat down yet tonight, as there have been so many great performances so far. It won’t be long, now, until all of America hears the season results.

Ryan was onstage with the families of both Jena and Caleb. He said it was not quite time to tell the results, though — first, Ryan introduced the three judges and Randy, who ROCKED OUT the song “True Colors,” by Cyndi Lauper. J-Lo started off the song. Keith and Randy did backing vocals and played electric guitars, while Harry played the piano for the song. Then, Harry’s playing got more upbeat, and they all sang the Fleetwood Mac classic “Go Your Own Way.”

WHAT AN UBER COOL SONG — Fleetwood Mac RULES! Harry JAMMED OUT on the keyboards, J-Lo was doing her best Stevie Nicks, it was simply AWESOME! Keith WAILED on the guitar solo, playing it super fast, as it was meant to be played.

When American Idol came back from another commercial break, it was finally time to hear who the next American Idol is — Ryan said “The winner of American Idol Season 13 is — Caleb Johnson!” Caleb gave Jena a hug. Ryan said that “this guy worked so hard” and added “it really paid off tonight,” although, of course, the same could be said about Jena.  As American Idol closed, Caleb sang as the other competitors gathered around him and hugged him.

The American Idol Finale was, perhaps, too long, as most Season Finales are — but, at least the performances were all pretty great, and there was music for almost every taste.  Though Jena wasn’t the winner, she has likely either already signed a recording contract or will sign one in the very near future. She has an incredible voice, and tonight’s not the last we’ll hear from her.

Caleb, of course, did a terrific job tonight, as usual, though not everyone likes rock music or his particular style of it. He’s pretty good at it, though — good enough that his singing propelled him into the Winner’s Circle this season. What did you think of tonight’s American Idol  Finale, America? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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