American Idol Two Finalists Perform (Review & Videos)

American Idol Two Finalists Perform (Review & Videos)
On American Idol tonight, the two Finalists, Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson, will be performing, and how well they do might sway enough votes the way of one or the other of these two talented performers to put him or her into the Winner’s Circle. It’s sure to be a great episode, as these two power it out, matching vocal performances head-to-head. Who will you vote for, America?

As Ryan Seacrest says, the season began with over 75,000 people auditioning for American Idol. Now, the competitors have dwindled down to just two.

Ryan said that the show is coming from the Nokia Theater in downtown L.A. He introduced the three judges, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Junior, and told them they were “looking good.” Ryan looked pretty snazzy, himself, dressed in a white sports coat and black bow tie.

Then, Ryan introduced Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson. Jena asked him if he wanted to go to the prom, and Caleb siad “Yes.” Then, she shoved him away, in a kind of cute staged scene. They’re there for business, not pleasure, of course.

Jena won the coin toss, and she will be singing “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and the Machine. She did a FANTASTIC job singing this song, and the audience cheered at various points during the performance.

Keith: Jean, the way that you owned that stage is so good. It’s the sign of a real pro. You’re like a jockey riding a Kentucky derby winner.”

J-Lo: ‘It’s electric in here! It sounded real good. It was a really good start.”

Harry: “It was fantastic. One of my favorite parts is when you started walking, and walked in time. Great choice, and great job!” Like Ryan says, “If you want Jena to win, you have to vote for her.”

American Idol went to the first break of the evening.

Simon fuller, who created American Idol, chose both Jena’s song and Caleb’s, which was “Dream On” by Aerosmith. He hit the high notes freakin’ SPOT ON! Keith and J-Lo stood up with the audience to give him a standing ovation.

J-Lo: “That’s what you gotta do! this is the Finale, this is it! You gotta seize the moment, carpe diem it!”

Harry: “You’re like a GT that has so much power! It was phenomenal! It was a great job!”

Keith: The way that you arced the whole thing was exceptional.” Caleb NAILED that song! He really has put the pressure on Jena.  American Idol went to a commercial break.

After the break, Ryan read a Facebook question about what they both do for a “pre-show ritual.” Jena said that they made fun of each other, and they both gave their imitations of each other.

Then, Jena sang “Can’t Help Feeling in Love.” When she did it before, J-Lo was so touched, she got up out of her seat and gave Jena a kiss on her cheek. The audience cheered at various points as she sang this Elvis Presley classic. She did AMAZING!  Keith stood up and applauded with the audience.

Harry: “What separates you from other performers is that you make songs like this your own. It was absolutely beautiful, Jena!”

Keiht: “You inspired someone else to perform this song, and that’s the mark of a true leader.” (Christina Grimmie)

J-Lo: “I got the goosies! It was so awesome. When you sit at the piano and you could hear a pin drop. You were so amazing.”

Back from another commercial break, Ryan talked about how people could audition for American Idol this summer, either in person or online.

Then, Caleb KILLED the Paul McCartney hit, “Maybe I’m Amazed.” It is such a great song, and Caleb OWNED it! He had the audience into it, they were jumping up and down with their hands in the air. What a FANTASTIC performance!

Keith: “Don’t get caught up in the gymnastic experience of the song and lose the meaning.’

J-Lo: ‘It is like you’re the engine of a Ferrari, holding back. I got the goosies!”

Harry: “These are two heavy weight fighters, you and Jena.”

Keith said that he thought Caleb won the first round. J-Lo and Harry said that they though Jena won the second round. Hmm….She did do a great job.

After yet another commercial break, the two Finalists were back.  Performing for the final time tonight, Jena Irene sang “We Are One.” She did a TERRIFIC job, and had the audience clapping right from the start of the song. when she got to the chorus, they cheered for her. Jena KICKED BUTT with this song! She OWNED it, and the stage, and J-Lo was dancing in her seat.

J-Lo: “I never heard this song, and I thought it was really good.”

Harry: ‘This was just as good as it was when you snag it in the studio. great job!”

Keith: “Yeah, great job!”

Ryan then said that Caleb will sing his last song on American Idol tonight next, right after a commercial break. Does Caleb have what it takes to seal his victory, or

Caleb sang “As Long as You Love Me” for his final performance of the evening on American Idol. He ROCKED IT OUT! The audience were on their feet, clapping, the entire song. He just might have ensured his victory with this song, though Jena had some very strong performances tonight, as well.

Harry: “The way I look at it, you were like Joe Frazier, and Jena was like Ali!” Ali was, of course, the heavyweight champ for several years. Does Harry perhaps think that Jena is the best of these two performers, and is stating that with this comment?

J-Lo: “You gave it your all, you put it all out there!”

American Idol came to an end with the judges’ comments about Caleb’s performance of “As Long as You Love Me.” Which of these two, America, do you think gave the best performances tonight and should win? Do you think that Jena is the sure winner, or do you think the opposite, and believe that Caleb will be declared this season’s American Idol? Please leave your comments below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. deb   May 23, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    enjoyed american idol finale. wonderful guest singers lots of entertainment. love J Lo voice and singing but she needs help with wardrobe choices. looked like a slut for both of her times on stage. C’mon J Lo we know you have a body show us some style when on stage with your clothing choices!


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