Antibiotics: Friend or Foe?

MRSA: Wonder Drug Resistant


Antibiotics, synthetic drugs, are they your friend or foe? That truly is a question that everyone should be examining more closely. Things change and that is precisely what has been taking place in the world of “bacteria.” Many bacterium have become drug resistant in recent years, and the concern is public health. MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) was first recognized as a public health concern in the 1960s.

Recently, a team of chemists discovered a new wonder drug via computer: oxadiazoles. Oxadiazoles are a new class of anti-bacterial drugs which are seemingly showing promise in the treatment of MRSA in mice. So what exactly is MRSA?  Simply put, it is a nasty superbug! Drug companies figure that if you are fighting a superbug, you need a super drug. Their hopeful remedy is Oxadiazoles in oral application as there has been some effectiveness. This is considered a major breakthrough, although not a cure. The drugs which had been productive in treating MRSA, are now having resistance issues.

Professor Shahrian Mabashery of the University of Notre Dame, feels that the key is to find the compound that drives the “halt” for MRSA. Then more options can be created that will interfere with MRSA’s growth. His goal is saving lives.

When an anti-bacterial drug is not being effective in killing the bacteria, it is because that little microorganism has become resistant. In other words, it has out-smarted, through mutation, what the drug set out to do. If the bacterium continue to mutate, eventually a superbug is created. Guess what? This mutated superbug will continue to reproduce. Ultimately, the superbug’s children will be defiantly resistant to all medications, due to the radical mutations that have occurred. Such resistance to this wonder drug, makes the case for continuing studies to delve into understanding how to stop the resistance. In simple language, when the broad-spectrum of synthetic medicines are overused, it increases or advances the resistant development.

As a side-note, have you considered that livestock are fed the antibiotics in their feed to “fatten them up? Then the general public eats the livestock and becomes “fattened up.” The consumption of drugs is not just from the ingesting of pills, but of food that contains antibiotics as well. Is this adding to the problem of resistance? It is certainly food for thought!

It seems that the “epidemic” is antibiotic resistance. You may ask, what effects do these drugs have on the human body? Methicillin was once in the lead for fighting MRSA, but it has now been disclosed that it is heavily toxic to the kidneys. Next question, were you aware that in 1999, 37 percent of the blood poisoning cases that ended in fatalities in the UK, were caused by MRSA? Now, community associated MRSA is considered to be spreading within different areas of communities.

On the flip side of the scientific community, there are those who seek after more “natural cures.” Dr David Stewart PhD refers to MRSA as a “monster bacteria.” WHY? He believes that the man-made drugs are at the root of creating the monster, alongside other antibacterial agents primarily used in hospitals. After all, the origin of MRSA was “in” the hospital. Dr. Stewart states that it usually stays with the individual for life and can end in fatality.

What is the scientific/pharmaceutical approach? To this point it is to create stronger, synthetic wonder drugs; but, in order to do so, it would have to be so powerful, it would likely be lethal to the patient. So, is that really a solution? Most pharmaceutical drugs have horrific side effects…do you listen to the list of side effects listed with the drugs presented on TV? Perhaps you should. It is sobering.

Let us view, open-mindedly, another option: essential oils. Before you dismiss this option, examine the known facts for yourself. Studies have proven that “essential oils” do not have the ability to create resistant strains of bacteria. Here are two reasons why; first, essential oils are very complex, whereas, pharmaceutical drugs are simple. The bacteria, MRSA, easily outsmarts the drug, but is unable to break “nature’s complex code” in the essential oils. Second, essential oils cannot be duplicated. This has to do with the fluctuations of the season the crop was raised in, climate changes, variations in the soil as well as other variables. Yet, every pharmaceutical batch can be reproduced identically the same. Because of the variables mentioned in the essentials oils, the bacteria will never be able to decode the essential oils. So, after observing all of this information thus far, would you consider the antibiotics to be your friend or foe?

For those who are still skeptical about whether or not essential oils actually kill this deadly bacteria known as MRSA, it has been confirmed through the University of Manchester. Although this university is wanting to do more extensive clinical trials, it seems that it is difficult to obtain funding. The reason is that essentials oils cannot be patented, as stated by Peter Warn from the University’s Faculty of Medicine. Researchers did take 10 of the most deadly bacteria and fungi currently known, and confirmed that two of the essential oils killed MRSA and E. coli almost immediately.

Knowledge is power. Antibiotics are considered to be wonder drugs, yet they are powerless against MRSA. These antibacterial drugs further damage your body with an array of a harmful side effects, one of which is kidney damage. Essential oils are powerful in killing MRSA and giving the superbug the boot! With the essential oils there are no side effects, only increased health benefits.

In a nutshell, antibiotics are a powerless foe. Essential oils are a powerful friend. Knowledge gives you the power to choose for you and your loved ones. Which one would you choose? Seriously, if you or a loved one are suffering from the ineffectiveness of antibiotics for the treatment of MRSA, what do you have to lose? You certainly have health benefits to gain. Take this knowledge and make the right choice!

By Jill Boyer-Adriance

Science Daily
Essential Oil Seeker
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