Apple Sued for iMessage Texts Not Being Received


Apple is being sued by a Californian woman for her iMessages texts not being received. The woman now uses an Android device, but others’ iPhones mistakenly believe she is still using an iPhone. She believes that she cannot get the full use of her current contract due to the tech giant’s policy.

It is a situation that many ex-Apple users find themselves in if they keep their old numbers. The other phones mistakenly believe that a user still has an iPhone, and will continue to try to send messages as an iMessage. There is a way around the issue, but it is time-consuming for the user, and that is only if the user is aware that there is a problem at hand.

iMessage was introduced at the same time as the iPhone 4S. Apple users would be able to send messages between them, which is sent via data allowance and Wi-Fi instead of through the text allowance. However, the software only works on devices from the Silicon Valley company. The phone number and email address of the user can be registered with the tech giant, and messages are automatically sent through as the iMessage. It appears as blue, rather than the standard green color.

When switching to a different device, Apple continues to hold the phone number and all messages are still sent as iMessages. Since the software does not work on the other users’ device, usually an Android device, the message cannot be sent through. The sender is not made aware of this issue unless the receiver informs them of the lack of text message.

Now Apple is being sued for iMessage texts not being received. The complainant, Adrienne Moore, explains that she cannot get the full use of her Samsung Galaxy S5 due to not receiving text messages. She claims that the suggested fixes for the situations do not work or are impractical. The tech giant suggests that users should delete and re-add a contact, but this does not always work. The other suggestion was for users to upgrade their iOS, but again this does not always work. There are also some users who prefer to remain on the older iOS after hearing negatives of the updates.

Another fix is for the user to turn off iMessage on the original Apple device. However, that is not possible if the user has traded in or sold their device already. Moore also stated that this did not work for her.

Moore goes on to suggest that knowing about the situation beforehand would have meant users would not have downloaded the iMessage software in the process. Some would have even avoided bothering with an iPhone or iPad device.

It is a major problem considering Android is now running on 80 percent of devices around the world. However, the only way for something to be done about the situation is for the lawsuit, and Moore hopes that it will become a class action lawsuit with many more people joining in. There could also be a lawsuit later from companies, since the whole situation raises unfair competition problems. For now, Apple is just being sued by one woman for iMessage texts not being received now that she is using an Android device.

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