Baldwin Arrested in New York City

alec baldwinLaw enforcement in New York City have arrested Academy Award nominated actor Alec Baldwin after acting belligerently towards police after being stopped for riding his bike in the wrong direction. The 30 Rock star was taken into custody Tuesday at 10:15 am. The police stated that two officers witnessed him riding his bicycle in the wrong direction on 16th street near Union Square Park. According to the arresting officers, the actor was asked to show identification and refused. He began to act combative and contentious toward the officers and was promptly put into custody. The famous actor was alone during the arrest and was reported to be cycling for exercise.

After the arrest of Alec Baldwin in New York City, a representative for the actor was immediately contacted, yet did not return the request. The 56-year-old star was issued a summons for riding his bike the wrong way and for disorderly conduct. One police source stated that upon being stopped and questioned, he began yelling angrily at the police officers and cursing at them. A reported eye-witness named Kim, who works at a flower stand near the scene of the arrest, told sources that he saw the notoriously hot-headed actor looking angry and argumentative during the arrest. Kim said that the ordeal took 20 minutes from start to finish, and two additional NYPD vehicles showed up to provide back-up. Police hauled the unruly movie and television star to New York Police Department’s 13th precinct. The foul-mouthed Baldwin neglected to stop his retaliation once he arrived at the station. He was reported as complaining that the officers “..don’t even know who I am.” This is not the first altercation for the notable entertainer who in the last decade has had 8 publicly reported scandals. He is scheduled to appear in court on July 24.

Sources are conflicting about Alec Baldwin’s New York City arrest, because another eyewitness told that by the time the actor was cuffed he was “calm and quiet.” A hairdresser at the nearby Dramatics NYC salon, stated that she saw the pandemonium outside of the salon near a parking meter. Cacho illustrated that he witnessed an older gentleman handcuffed while sitting on his bike. The older gentleman, according to Cacho, was being spoken to by two female NYPD officers. Mr. Cacho told MailOnline today that the man, whom he had no idea was dramatic and comedic actor Alec Baldwin, seemed cool and was not resisting his arrest. Pictures from In Touch magazine also display an obedient placid Baldwin being placed into a squad car.

Alec Baldwin’s New York City arrest is likely to expedite the plans illustrated by the actor to leave New York in order to preserve his privacy. In an interview with New York Magazine, Baldwin explained that he is planning on “packing his bags” and saying fare thee well to his beloved hometown sooner rather than later. He spoke of wanting to move to Los Angeles in order to give himself, his wife Hilaria, and their baby daughter Carmen a more peaceful and independent life.

By Andres Loubriel

NY Daily News
Washington Post

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