Beyonce Highest Paid Black Artist of All Time


Some years ago, Kanye West took the stage at the 2009 Video Music Awards to inform everyone “Beyoncé had the best video of all time.” Today marks the day that another “all time” is added to Beyoncé’s list. She is presently the highest paid African-American artist of all time. This decision was made taking every African-American artist into account. In the words of her husband, Shawn Cater, “pound for pound I’m the best to ever come around her. Excludin’ nobody look what I embody.”

Some people may be thinking one of two things right now after this breaking news. The first thought that comes to mind is, was not the late Michael Jackson the highest paid artist of all time? Well, he was some time ago, but when he passed he owed a lot of debt. It reduced what he was worth. Now the other question may be who else is included on the list? A few of those people who graced this list were Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Prince. That is some pretty good company to be included in.

Queen B became a part of music history when she toured the world on her wildly successful Ms. Carter tour. This tour brought her a little over $200 million dollars. The tour was a yearlong experience that made 126 stops, and sold 1.8 million tickets. Beyonce is equally reaping the rewards from her European tour that has currently passed the $40 million mark in a span of 25 dates. Beyonce is working hard and is a constant example that hard work pays off. Nevertheless, she is often times too busy to enjoy the payoff according to her mother. A little after she wrapped her successful tour she began preparing for another. The On The Run tour will feature her husband Mr. Carter, and it is expected to start this summer.

Beyonce released her self-entitled album in the middle of the night, and that also took iTunes by storm. It actually broke an iTunes record for the most digital downloads in three days with 617,000 digital copies in the United States alone. When the number includes international sales it jumps up a good 200,000 copies. International sales for the self-entitled album Beyoncé were 828,773 digital copies. She actually passed the current record which so happened to be Taylor Swift with Red.

When the numbers are laid out, it is hard to deny that she is dominating the R&B genre. It goes without question; there are not many other female R&B vocalists that have put up those kinds of stats at such a young age. Beyonce is only in her mid-thirties and has accomplished so much. One of her greatest accomplishments can be accounted for by the hearts she’s touched and the lives she has changed. At the end of the day she would be the first to tell people this is not her highest honor. She has not been the type to be proud of how much money she is worth. Matthew and Tina Knowles taught her early on that the value of a person is not located in their bank account.

By: Schelett Rickenbacker
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Digital Spy
International Business Times 

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