Call of Duty Advanced Warfare With Kevin Spacey Dated for November 4 2014

Call of Duty: Kevin Spacey

Call of Duty featuring Kevin Spacey

The newest Call of Duty game has a confirmed released date and a glorious trailer to psych you up. For those new to the program, a new CoD game comes out every year, this year Sledgehammer Games presents Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Or, you could simply call it Call of Duty: Kevin Spacey. This game is ahead of schedule in releasing this trailer and the game itself, which means you can expect to see it on shelves November 4 this year. Here is the new trailer.

Are you ready for the future? Taking place in the year 2054, Kevin Spacey plays the role of an individual that owns the largest military force on the planet (because in the future corporations have armies bigger than most countries) named Atlas. This character, Jonathan Irons, looks to be pulled directly from television instead of a video game. This is due to the work by Kevin Spacey, who plays a character that looks exactly like himself. No argument here, the gaming industry thrives on new flavor.

Kevin Spacey Advance

What a second, did Call of Duty just become a movie? Well, who is to say it wasn’t one before? Not to mention, the series has a strong hold on solid gameplay anyway, if they needed to beef up a certain aspect of their games, story would be the way to go; and boy did they commit. Putting Kevin Spacey (looking like himself) into a CoD game is going to not only allure more casual gamers, (and television/ movie fans) it gets CoD fans and gamers excited about the future of the series and gaming itself.

This has been done before, Kevin Spacey is not the first actor to appear as himself in a video game, but it is rare. Instances that have done it (Beyond: Two Souls) have certainly benefited from having a relatable and realistic face to journey through the length of a game with. In the past, this idea of putting real actors in games wasn’t as prominently advertised or correctly emphasised (Onimusha 3: Demon Siege).

Call of Duty knows how to make a trailer, that much is certain, but how about those new weapons? Since this game takes place in the future it looks as through the player will have a number of new goodies to play around with including scanner grenades, double red laser scope, and of course super strength. More excitement builds with the mention of spiderman gloves, mini-mech, and the spider tank. You did catch the spider tank right? Call of Duty, you certainly know how to keep fans entertained with advanced weapons, after all, “Power changed everything.”

Call of Duty Spider Tank Advanced Warfare
Whoa, that is advanced

This title will of course be coming to current and last-generation consoles. This means PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The date has been confirmed as November 4, 2014. This installment of the Call of Duty was developed by Sledgehammer Games in association with High Moon Studios and published by Activision.

Is the world ready for triple A games merging actors into their video games? November 4, 2014 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare releases for most current and last gen consoles. The first-person shooter champion looks to floor fans and wipe up the rest of the competition (with high-tech Swiffers I bet) before Christmas this year, prepare yourself.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare coming out November 4

By Garrett Jutte
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