Channing Tatum Breaks the Facade [Video]

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Many women consider Channing Tatum the perfect specimen of man. However, the actor has revealed some stunning secrets over the past few weeks that have broken that perfect facade. In a stunning and candid interview for an upcoming issue of GQ, the 34-year-old has shared moments of his private world, which include dealing with alcoholism, as well as causing a ruckus behind the scenes of one of his movies.

In an excerpt released Tuesday, Tatum admits to getting drunk with actor Shia LeBeouf on the set of the movie, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, back in 2006. Following a night of heavy drinking, the two set out to violently release their tensions by fighting on the streets of New York City’s Upper East Side.

He considers the moment one of, “dumb idiot actors thinking that’s going to bond us,” due to the fact that blood would have been shed between the both of them. Tatum claims not to have seen LeBeouf since the filming of the movie. LeBeouf has had his own troubles as of late, but he did reveal back in 2008 that the moments of vandalism got out of hand with Tatum and another co-star, actor Peter Tambakis.

According to LeBeouf, Tatum took things one step further and broke into a bookstore to steal, of all things, a Spider-Man bookmark. He claimed that Tatum grabbed a rock and tossed it at the plate glass window before making off with the stolen object.

“He grabs the bookmarks and jets,” LaBeouf said to GQ in 2008. “So now you got these little actor kids running down the street in New York, freaking out.”

Tatum initially had his representative claim that the story LeBeouf told was “inaccurate”. He now admits that the moment did occur.

“I definitely kicked in a window that night,” he admits. “We were trying to be like ’80s hoodlums.” He claims that the night continued to “turn up” the wild factor to the point where LeBeouf punched a cop car, before all three actors ran off in different directions.

“I can have perspective on it now and know it was stupid,” he realizes. “I don’t think we were thinking.”

Around a week ago, another excerpt from the upcoming GQ issue was released. Tatum, who is married and has a young daughter, admitted that he considers himself a “high functioning alcoholic”. The surprising confession of such a horrible factor of humanity exposed a crack within the powerful facade of the in-demand Tatum, who has always been portrayed as a sex symbol and successful lead actor.

“I probably drink too much,” he says. “My wife, that’s what she bought into.”

Tatum’s wife is actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum, who stars in the Lifetime series, Witches of East End. She also appeared with her husband in the movie Step Up, back in 2006, where they met for the first time. The two married in 2009 and she gave birth to their daughter, Everly, in 2013.

“There’s probably a tendency to escape,” Tatum says of his drinking habits. The actor, who has five movies yet to be released, including the upcoming sequel to the movie adaptation of 21 Jump Street, equates his drinking to creativity and “having a good time”.

While many may believe that Channing Tatum breaking the facade of his private life may destroy the way he is perceived in the future, the actor seems to be taking it all in stride. According to him, everything that happens to him is a part of his everyday normal life; one that he realizes is “crazy”. “I’ve pushed the limit almost at every turn,” he states, “and I’m super proud of that.”

By Jonathan Brown


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