Charlie Sheen Calls Rihanna an Idiot on Twitter

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It was just a matter of time before Charlie Sheen went off on another celebrity on twitter, and this time it was Rihanna for apparently being an idiot. This is according to the Anger Management star because the pop singer refused to meet his fiancé at dinner.

Sheen and his bride-to-be were eating dinner at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica. The couple was out celebrating Sheen’s birthday when they noticed the Rihanna was also eating at the restaurant. Sheen’s fiancé is a big fan of the singer, so naturally Sheen sent over a request for the singer to come to their table for a meet and greet, only to be refused.

Rihanna was obviously enjoying her own party way too much to be bothered to meet with Sheen, or maybe the singer just didn’t feel like mingling. There were also reports that there were too many paparazzi outside and that is why Rihanna refused. Whatever the reason, it really offended Charlie Sheen that he was not considered important enough to meet Rihanna, and he predictably unleashed a tirade on twitter, calling her an idiot.

Sheen called out Rihanna on twitter saying that she left a bad impression and he didn’t care if it was her birthday or not. Sheen also sarcastically apologizes for not being “kool” enough to meet the singer, who he refers to as either a princess or a village idiot. Sheen keeps tweeting, attacking the singers wardrobe choices, saying they are more fit for Halloween.

Sheen goes on to say that he couldn’t pick Rihanna out of a lineup, even though his fiancée is a big fan. The actor says that he has been in the business for over 31 years and he is still around because he always makes time for other people. Sheen makes a good point by saying common courtesy will take a person farther in the business, than preforming really great in a concert.

The rant from Sheen goes on and on. Rihanna finally responded, but the singer was not at all sorry. The pop singer tweeted that an old queen needs to get their diapers out of a bunch. Although the singer did not specifically address Sheen, it was obviously pointed at him. Some fans are upset that Rihanna used the word queen to attack Sheen, saying it was homophobic.

Rihanna has made headlines in the past week for bullying a fan that tried to dress like her. Fans said that she should have been more supportive, instead of making fun of the fan on twitter for looking like a bat. Also, in past concerts, Rihanna has shown up late, making fans wait for hours, and then has preformed drunk on stage. The singer has been accused of not caring about her fans, so maybe Sheen has a point about treating people nicely.

Charlie Sheen’s pride was injured when Rihanna refused to meet with him, and he lashed out calling her an idiot. Rihanna is known as a bad girl who does not care about what anyone thinks of her, much less Sheen and his fiancée. Sheen has not yet responded to Rihanna, but if the past is any indicator, it won’t be long.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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  1. Brandt Hardin (@DREGstudios)   May 22, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    He gets even wilder the deader he gets! How many grams of rock do you think Zombie Charlie Sheen can bang down? Put on your party face and see at on the Zombie Walk of Fame!

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