Cigarettes May Darken Lips for Smokers – Natural Remedies to Combat Effect


Cigarettes may be one of those products that cause smokers to think simultaneously about why it is hated but so hard to resist. The physical dependency on nicotine could be one of the main addictive factors for some people who smoke cigarettes, while others may find it somewhat difficult to break the habit due to an underlying need to satisfy an oral fixation. Regardless of what may cause one to become addicted to smoking cigarettes, there are ramifications that go along with the use of cigarettes that can cause substantial harm as well as notable changes in appearance in the long run. One of those notable changes could be in the form of something most cigarette smokers may not give much thought to, and that is that those who smoke cigarettes for any extended period of time may notice changes in the appearance of the lips that may make the lips appear darker. It is presumed that the nicotine inhaled from smoking cigarettes may be what causes what is known as “smoker’s lips,” or a darkened discoloration of this skin tissue, but some natural items can be used to remedy this effect.

The darkening of the lips may be caused by the overproduction of melanin. The nicotine found in cigarettes could be responsible for this increased overproduction of melanin in the human body, but there exist natural remedies that may help offset the darkened discoloration of the lips. For those smokers who may have already started to panic at the sight of seeing a darkish discoloration of the lips from cigarettes, a paste made from the combination of strawberries, raspberries, and one or two teaspoons of aloe vera juice may be helpful in providing some relief. Apply this mixture to the lips for at least five minutes and rinse. Pomegranate juice mixed with slices of strawberries may also be effective, along with following up with a lip balm in order to prevent possible dryness.

A daily massage of almond oil and coconut oil on the lips is presumed to be effective in reducing the darkened discoloration that smoking cigarettes could leave behind. The combination of both oils may be left on the lips overnight for its possible moisturizing benefit as well as for bringing out the natural pink coloration of the lips. Raw milk is assumed to work wonders in lightening darkened lips when combined with almond oil. Create a mixture of two tablespoons of milk along with two tablespoons of almond oil and apply on the lips for at least 30 minutes. As an alternative to almond oil, fresh almonds may be crushed until it resembles as close to a fine powder as possible and mixed with one teaspoon of honey, milk or shea butter.

The citric acid contained in lemons is another natural agent that may also provide a desired bleaching effect  to remedy the effect of darkened lips due to smoking cigarettes. When trying to achieve this effect, it is suggested to rub a slice of fresh lemon onto the lips followed by a coat of honey. Honey is believed to contain an enzyme called glucose oxidase. When honey is combined with lemon juice, this may produce hydrogen peroxide, which is also considered to be another type of bleaching agent. By applying this combination twice a day over a period of several weeks, cigarette smokers may be able to see an apparent change in the coloration of the lips that could resemble a more youthful appearance.

Opinion by Stephanie Tapley

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