Creation Museum Fossil Claimed as Proof of Noah’s Flood

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creation museumCreation Museum founder Ken Ham recently unveiled an Allosaurus dinosaur fossil named Ebenezer. Researchers not only claimed the fossil could be the key to proving evolution is wrong, but also that humans lived alongside dinosaurs. Ham has claims that the Creation Museum fossil is proof of Noah’s flood as described in the Bible.

Earlier this year, Ham, the former Australian  science teacher, appeared in a live, web-streaming public debate against science television personality Bill Nye. The debate was centered on whether creation is a viable model for origins in the modern scientific era. The web-streaming debate drew in millions of viewers.

According to Ham, several careful investigations conducted on the remains of Ebenezer suggest the Allosaurus drowned in the world-wide flood that Noah and his family endured. Ham added that the new exhibit will defend the book of Genesis, and help expose scientific inaccuracies in evolution. He went on to explain that dinosaurs are being utilized in the Creation Museum to assist in telling the true history according to the Bible. He pointed out that evolutionists regularly employ the same medium to reach and influence children from the perspective of their own world view.

Ebenezer’s remains were discovered in an area called the Morrison Formation. According to the National Park Service, the rock unit is from the Late Jurassic period, approximately 155-148 million years ago. This declaration contradicts the museum’s reference to the flood being about 4,500 years ago. Daniel Phelps, the Kentucky Paleontological Society president, has accused Ham of deciding the fossils are evidence of Noah’s flood “without doing research.”

The museum argues that due to the bones being in the correct anatomical positions when found, and being discovered in a layer of sediment left behind by the great flood, it indicates an extremely swift burial, which confirms the global catastrophe. In other words, the Creation Museum fossils discovered where they were, how they were are proof of Noah’s global flood.

According to a writer from The Wire, an unnamed geology professor went on record and admitted it was a plausible theory. He points to secular geologist’s own identification of flood plains and river deposits, but admits it is challenging to understand. He did conclude that for the formation and the fossils in it, a catastrophic origin was “very reasonable.”

creation museumIn the earlier debate Bill Nye explained why layers of sediment with fossils appear to be inconsistent with a global flood. He argued that if there had been a big flood on the earth, one would expect the animals to float or “swim up to a higher level.” He explained that the bones would mix with fossils from later periods, and cited the Grand Canyon as such an example. He then pointed out that none of them did this, “not a single one.” It is unclear how this argument dismisses a global flood, but Nye seemed sure of his logic.

The new fossil exhibit of Ebenezer the Allosaurus stands ten feet high and thirty feet long. Ken Ham’s Creation Museum believes that because of the manner and location of the remains when discovered, they are evidence of the global catastrophe known as Noah’s flood in the Bible. While the conclusion can be argued against, none of the arguments appear to disprove the assertion either.

Opinion by John Benjamin Wilson

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