Daniel Radcliffe Surprising Struggles During Harry Potter

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A new tell-all, written by journalist Randy Jernigan, reveals the surprising struggles that Daniel Radcliffe endured while shooting the Harry Potter movies. Fans will be shocked that the popular actor had problems with his memory, alcohol abuse, and dealing with heartbreak and grief during the filming.

To gather information for the tell-all, titled The Life and Career of Daniel Radcliffe, Jernigan spoke to 19 of Radcliffe’s close friends and co-workers. Jernigan discovered that Radcliffe had been diagnosed with developmental coordination disorder and was devastated. The disorder is described as a chronic neurological disorder that affects the memory and body movements. Since Radcliffe’s profession involves memorizing lines and acting onset, it is understandable that he was so upset.

While on set shooting Harry Potter, it will surprise fans to know that Daniel Radcliff struggled to even tie his shoes sometimes. The episodes would come and go, and production even had to be delayed for days a few times. Radcliffe’s friends said the actor felt this disorder really held him back and made him feel abnormal and different from kids his own age.

To deal with the disorder and the anxiety that came with it, Jernigan says that Radcliffe began to heavily drink and party. When the actor was only a teen, be began sneaking drinks at his parents house. From there, he became totally dependent on alcohol. Radcliffe moved out of his parent’s house at the age of 17. The actor became almost like a shut in, preferring to drink alone at home after filming, then go out with any of his friends.

Radcliffe realized that he had a problem and was able to stop drinking so much during the end of the Harry Potter movies. However, in 2012, the actor began drinking heavily again after performing in The Cripple of Inishmaan. The show was very demanding and it took a toll on the actor. Radcliffe struggled with thoughts that he was not good enough.

Another setback for Radcliffe was when his close friend and costar Richard Griffiths died in March of 2013. Radcliffe considered Griffiths his best friend and was very distraught. Friends recall the actor weeping openly at the funeral. However, Radcliffe was able to get sober again and gain control of his life.

Radcliffe also gave an interview and said he has not had a drop of alcohol since 2010, even though Jernigan said in his book that the actor did drink again in 2013. The actor does confirm that he became very dependent drinking whiskey because living a famous lifestyle did not suit him. Radcliffe admits that he was able to hide his problem from his fans and the media.

While shooting Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe appeared beyond mature for his age, and fans will be surprised to know that the actor struggled with a neurological disorder and alcoholism. However, Radcliffe has gotten control back in his life, and instead of turning to alcohol, he now reads books. The actor says he does not feel the need to drink anymore, and is able to be around alcohol without any problems. Radcliffe says there is no shame in living a quiet life and he actually prefers it. For more details, Jernigan’s tell all book will be available in July 2014.

By Sara Petersen

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