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Detroit Lions LairDetroit Lions fans are not shy when it comes to voicing their opinions on who they should pick for the 2014 draft, and they want Sammy Watkins in their teams den. He is definitely on their list of possibilities however, Head Coach Jim Caldwell has been very verbal about getting Anthony Barr. He states that he has exactly what he is looking for, a pass rusher from the position of line backer. Barr was switched from offense to defense in 2012, and, by his own admission, he is built to be a linebacker. This decision did not come easy to Barr, as it was his dream to be a running back, but at six-foot five and 230 lbs, his build determined something else for him. The Detroit Lions have the number 10 overall pick this year, and they are already looking at trade possibilities in order to obtain Watkins. He is definitely a favorite with his natural ability of using his hands and his impressive speed, running a 4.43 40. Mike Evans of the Texas A & M’s is also on the list of Detroit’s wants for the draft, and they know they will have to work it to be in a position to draft either of these top two picks. Detroit will have to deal up a minimum of three spots, and are hoping that the Vikings, or the Buffalo Bills will take a receiver. Other possibilities for taking a receiver are Jacksonville, Cleveland, and Oakland.

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The Detroit Lions recently signed former Seahawks free agent Golden Tate, (right) who may be situated inside should Detroit get a game-breaker with the tenth overall pick. General Manager (GM) Martin Mayhew met with reporters on Monday stating he does not really care what position these guys play, he just wants talent that can help them win. Cornerbacks Justin Gilber or Darquesze Dennard are also on the short list, although trading up is still on the priority list.

The Lions need to break the cycle of some of the worst draft picks in NFL history, such as Reggie Rogers, back in the day, who played just six games in his two seasons with the team. Mike Williams was picked in 2005, but as a receiver he caught just 34 passes in two seasons and was eventually traded. Who can forget Joey Harrington’s career as quarterback with the Lions from 2002-2005, with his number of touchdowns almost equaling his interceptions? However the past is the past, and GM Martin Mayhew and new head coach Jim Caldwell are looking to take advantage of the draft, and pick up as well as trade up in efforts to have a winning season. Whether they are shoring up their safety spots, or looking at Kyle Fuller for cornerback, the Detroit Lions need to make great choices this year. Maybe Mayhew is right and pure talent is what this team needs, regardless of the position they may play. That may be just the ticket to a winning season for this team, and why the Detroit Lions fans want to add to their den the multi-talented Sammy Watkins.

Commentary by Kristi Cereska
Guardian Liberty Voice Writer Covering the Detroit Lions through her column – Lions Lair

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  1. Aaron   May 7, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    The team has potential and always start strong, but loses strength. Maybe a good running back will help, Johnson and Watkins may give us the steam we need. Very good article hits some key points especially about the new coach its a needed change.

  2. Veronica   May 7, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    Maybe someday we won’t be disappointed with the Lions!! Someday 🙂


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