Diego Costa Transfer Possibility

Diego Costa

There is the possibility that before this summer’s World Cup, Atletico Madrid’s Diego Costa may transfer to Chelsea FC. Right now the striker says he is happy in Madrid. Atletico is preparing for the Champions League final game amidst talk about where Costa may land and it appears that the striker wants to focus on the final before talking about other teams.

Costa is being pursued by clubs all over Europe. After Atletico defeated Chelsea on Wednesday to move into the final game of the Champions League against rival Real Madrid on May 24th, the striker would only acknowledge that he is aware that there is interest coming from other teams. “We’ll see,” is all Costa would say about the possibility of him landing with Chelsea in the future.

Sports stars in the midst of a championship run rarely talk about trade rumors. The lion’s share of sports leagues has defined trade deadlines or trade windows and soccer is no different. The trade window for the premier league will open this summer after the Champions League final. It is Chelsea’s desire to complete their moves early in the window, and the English Premier League team has been anything but secret about their desire for Costa. With a potential $60 million deal already in the works for the striker to transfer to Chelsea, Costa honestly just wants to focus on the Champions League final and deal with everything else at a more appropriate time.

Diego Costa understands that he is in high demand and that the possibility of a transfer is a possibility. While Chelsea has been knocked out of the Champions play with the loss to Atletico, the team is thinking about a return next year and adding Costa would be a tremendous addition. However, other teams may start a bidding war for Costa and his price could skyrocket quickly.

All the discussions taking place about the future of Costa has not affected the striker on the field. In the game against Chelsea, Costa let loose of 4 shots, scoring on one of them, and finished the game with a 93 percent pass completion. On the season Costa has scored 36 goals over 48 games.

While Costa is not saying much, his manager with Atletico is talking about the star. Diego Simeone has managed the Spanish team since the 2011 season and he knows there is more money for Costa with other teams. The 44-year old manager feels like his team develops players into better athletes. It appears the philosophy of the team is for players to play as long as they want, become a bigger talent, and when another team entices them away, there are no negative feelings. Instead the team thanks the players for what each brought to the team.

The soccer world must wait until the summer trade window to open to find out where Diego Costa may transfer to or if there is the possibility that the 25-year old Brazilian will stay in Madrid. If Chelsea is unable to complete a transaction prior to the World Cup and Costa has a great showing for the Brazilian National Team this summer, his value could sky-rocket to epic levels quickly.

Commentary by Carl Auer

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