Doctor Who Parody Is Latest from The Hillywood Show [VIDEO]

Doctor Who

The Hillywood Show is known for its parodies of hot movies, but this year it released its latest: The Doctor Who parody. The show uses the song Time Warp and includes a number of monsters, assistants and settings that will be familiar to those who love the show. The Doctor portrayed in the show is also none other than one of fans’ favorites, David Tennant’s Doctor.

Hilly and Hannah Hindy are sisters who together run The Hillywood Show. Both have backgrounds in performing arts, and started off their show as a mini-series of Pirates of the Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow and Will Turner dealing with various situations. As their interpretation skills improved, they moved onto doing movie parodies including the Twilight Saga, Harry Potter and Hunger Games. All have received praise from fans, and the team continually gains a new following with each video released.

The Doctor Who parody looked like it was struggling to begin with. The team was struggling to get hold of enough money to create something so spectacular, and the girls do not want to do anything in half measures. The sisters now have a strong behind the scenes team, and regularly pull in actors and extras from around the world.

Each parody has take characters and put them into music videos that suit the setting of the show. Twlight used Katy Perry’s Hot N Cold, while the Vampire Diaries parody use Lady Gaga’s Teeth. Some have turned out to be more successful than others, with the Vampire Diaries parody being mentioned at Comicon, with both Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder, who play the two main vampires in the original show, commenting that they had seen it and enjoyed it.

The Doctor Who parody is the latest release from The Hillywood Show, and has already proven to be a hit. Within a day it was shared by the Tennant fan site’s Facebook page, and already has over 40,000 views. It helps that the team has constantly promoted the upcoming parody, and shared sneak peeks and trailers. There is now the behind the scenes footage to watch, which goes through the making and filming dramas on set.

Some of the highlights of the hard work include the portrayal of the various characters, particular The Doctor and his assistant Donna Nobel, originally played by British comedian Catherine Tate. Hilly and Hannah Hindy get the perfect facial expressions that will leave fans smiling as they remember the exact scenes from the original show.

The voice of Tennant’s Doctor is also a highlight of the parody. Elliot Crossley makes it sound like Tennant is really singing the Time Warp, and gets the emphasis on certain words perfectly.

Many fans already have requests for the next parody. It is certainly not a waste of time as the duo does listen to their fans. Divergent is one of the most popularly requested parodies, but will likely take some time. The team will have to gather the funds together again, which is usually done by fans buying The Hillywood Show merchandise and offering donations, and then get the permission to use the music. For now, fans will have to enjoy the Doctor Who parody, which is the latest release from The Hillywood Show.

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