Emma Watson Graduates From Brown University

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Emma Watson

Emma Watson proved that being an actress does not mean sacrificing tuition, by sharing a tweet of her graduating from Brown University. The Harry Potter actress did admit that she was unsure about acting as an adult, but it was a childhood dream. She decided to step away from the limelight shortly after the filming of the eight Harry Potter movie, and opted for education instead.

It is something that the 24-year-old actress believed was important for herself, and shows others that education is important. However, she did have to juggle her career and her studies. In 2011, she took a year out of studying to promote the final Harry Potter movie, and even decided to do a year of study in England as the prestigious Oxford University, which along with Cambridge University is the United Kingdom’s equivalent to the US Ivy League schools.

This has certainly made Watson an inspiration for many young boys and girls, particularly girls. It shows that having an education is something to be proud of, and that having backup plans is something worthwhile. At the moment, the Noah actress has a great acting career, but that does not always last. There are uncertainties in the acting business, and getting a degree gives her something to fall back on.

The break from acting also gave her the chance to step out of the limelight and focus on her personal life. It could also help her acting career. She will now be ready to join the world of acting full-time again, and will have had time between playing Hermione Granger and whatever role she is offered next. It is difficult for young stars to shift the persona of a popular character, which is something Robert Pattinson recently spoke out about.

Watson has now graduated from Brown University with a degree in English Literature. She also has a number of acting roles coming up, but is focusing on the graduation ceremony.

Speaking out about graduating and her time at one of the United States’ top universities, the actress proved that it is normal to be nervous on the first day. She found that everyone fell silent when walking into the canteen, and she had to give herself a mental pep talk. It is something that many students face, but will help them get through those terrifying first moments.

Since she took time out for her career, it did take Watson longer than usual to complete her Brown University degree. In the end, she has taken six years to do it, but it shows her determination to complete her education. This is another inspiration to many who may be forced to repeat years or have to take time out for personal reasons. It does not matter how long it takes to finish, the degree is worth having if a student believes it deep down.

The 24-year-old can now enjoying being a graduate from an Ivy League school, and will now need to decide her next steps. Will she do a master’s degree or go back into acting? All that will follow after Watson graduates from Brown University.

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