Dogs Are Intelligent Beings


Within the pages of a book, heard in spoken word, and seen all over the world, it is a proven fact that dogs are intelligent beings. From the way that dogs understand the human language to the way that they communicate with those that own them. It’s a proven fact that dogs, or rather animals in general, are small creatures even though they do not look, speak, or feel things like human beings do. Dogs have been seen to pick up on the emotional spectrum of the owner. For instance, if there is a sad child around, the dog picks up on the sadness and even though it may not be able to give that child a hug or say comforting words, it can still give comfort in the way of giving kisses or lying by the child. Children have been seen to interact with dogs better than adults, and, dogs are also said to be great companions to the elderly.

First here are some facts about dogs. There are many interesting facts about dogs that many people know and many things that are not common knowledge. For instance it was not a known fact that dogs could not see in color like most animals and humans do. The vision of a dog is actually black and white therefore different shades and hues come out as different levels of grey. Another interesting fact that most people might not know is that there is more than a total of 150 breeds of dog known today. These many different breeds are divided into 8 categories overall; these categories are sporting, hound, working, terrier, toy, non-sporting, herding, and miscellaneous. Some scientific facts may not be completely true and have been reinvented based off study. One fact that is a good example of this is the belief that the way a dog sweats is through panting or salivating; this is not true. The way in which a dog sweats is through the padding of their feet.

Dogs prove each and every day that they are intelligent beings. Animals, especially dogs, are more intelligent than most ordinary people may know or think. One way which dogs prove their intelligence level is shown when they become the ‘eyes’ for someone. What this refers to is a seeing-eye dog. A seeing-eye dog is a companion to those with failed vision or those who have been without sight since birth. Seeing-eye dogs allowed the blind to be more independent which is what many people have been known to want. The first known breed to have been in the service of a seeing-eye companion was said to be a German Shepard. German Shepard’s were mostly used because of how quickly they adapted to new situations due to their intelligence level.

Another situation where dogs show that they are, indeed, intelligent beings is in the way that dogs learn to understand its owner using sign language. Human communication with people and animal alike has been important for centuries. Without a way of communicating with one another, most of what is in today’s world might not exist.

When it comes to dogs, humans already have a form of sign language to communicate with. The patting of the leg to call the dog, raising closed fingers above its nose in order to make the dog sit to receive a treat, and placing the hands upon the chest in order to get the dog to jump up and give hugs or kisses are a few examples of this. However owners, both hearing and deaf, are using American Sign Language (ASL) as a more efficient way of communication. This is shown even more with the way ASL has been adapted into talking to dogs whose hearing as failed them or has never been. It is said that dogs actually understand human beings by the body language, signals, and hand gestures rather than really comprehending the words that are spoken. This is stated to be another form of ‘sign language’. It is also stated that the deaf community make better dog owners than that of the hearing community.

All in all, if dogs were not as intelligent as some people may think then would it really be possible for them to function as they do? Dogs are intelligent beings and it looks as though the more humans interact with their animal counterparts that this fact becomes more realized.

By Isis E. Stevens

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2 Responses to "Dogs Are Intelligent Beings"

  1. Mrs. Wiggles   May 23, 2014 at 10:40 am

    I think they also understand what is said by the tone of your voice too, in my humble opinion.

  2. Damore   May 23, 2014 at 8:35 am

    Lots of people. . .especially here in mattapan dont believe this. . . nor do they care, i for one have known that animals are smarter then humans for a while now. . .they dont run around destroying their planet and each other over petty things!!!!

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