Donald Sterling Receives Harsh Punishment by New NBA Commissioner


The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers Donald Sterling received a very harsh punishment by the NBA commissioner on Tuesday after a week of unfortunate events caused by remarks Sterling made while arguing with his mistress. The repercussion for his outrageous and racist comments that exploded on the internet shocked sports fans and riveted the nation turned out to be a very harsh penalty for Sterling.

The owner of the Clippers was recorded by his mistress V. Stiviano, who happens to be of mixed with Black, during an argument.  Sterling was expressing his feelings about Blacks and their presence with the NBA.

His statements, which were made during this argument with his mistress regarding a picture she took with Magic Johnson, were of bad taste and were very offensive to the Black community.This recording went viral and shocked the whole nation.

The players of the Los Angeles Clippers, in response, protested for game 4 by throwing their warm-ups on the Clippers logo. The players mostly kept to themselves but did express outrage for Sterling’s statements made in the recording.

The final outcome came out on Tuesday, and the punishment for the owner of the Clippers was delivered by the new NBA commissioner Adam Silver. The commissioner gave no heal to forgiveness as he delivered a heavy blow to Sterling.

Donald Sterling was given a ban for life from the NBA. This means that Sterling is not allowed to attend any NBA games. Additionally, Sterling is not allowed to show up for his team’s practices as well.

Moreover, Silver is trying to push the owners of the NBA teams to have Sterling removed as an NBA owner. Yes, Silver is shooting for Sterling to be completely exiled from the sport.

Oh yes, to add to injury, Silver also gave the owner of the Clippers a $2.5 million fine. All this for Sterling’s reprehensible racist comments that blew up all over the media in the last week.

Adam Silver took over as the NBA commissioner in February of this year. Yes, it’s only been two months, and the rookie commissioner was faced with a tough issue, a social issue at that.

Silver was an executive with the NBA for 22 years before getting his big promotion. His answer to the commotion that Donald Sterling’s made all over the press was to give the LA Clippers the works.

Silver who is only been on the bench as the commissioner for two months has also exiled the league’s longest-tenured owner from the NBA with this disciplinary action against Sterling. This was a definitely a very bold stance for a new commissioner.

After Adam Silver made his announcement, players reacted through social medias. LeBron James tweeted that he was thankful for Silver’s decision. He added that Silver, with his decision, protected the beautiful league that is the NBA.

Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, tweeted that Silver made the right move for such an unfortunate spectacle. Gilbert was very supportive of Silver’s decision to ban Sterling.

Reactions through the web from players and staff were expressed. All of them in support of Adam Silver’s decision to ban Sterling from the NBA.

Donald Sterling had a nice record going for being the longest-tenured owner in the NBA. Now, he ends his legacy with a harsh punishment that was delivered by new blood in the league. Sterling is banned forever from the basketball league that he loved and profited from for a long time.


Commentary by Jose Herrera


USA Today

ABC News


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