Duck Dynasty Double-Standard Backlash?

Duck DynastyDuck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson is being accused, again, of being homophobic, but is not this a double-standard backlash? The Constitution of the United States of America gives all Americans freedom of speech, all Americans. In more recent decades, small interest groups have become louder at voicing their opinions and as they do so, they become accusers and attackers of other groups who do not agree with them. When Robertson defended his stance on homosexuality, straight from the Word of God in a sermon on Easter Sunday at the Whites Ferry Road Church in West Monroe, Louisiana, the media backlash ensued to establish a culture war.

Is not journalism to be about fair reporting? It used to be. As a matter of fact, that use to be the standard. Those in the media were instructed to be objective, unbiased and fair. There has been a gradual sliding away from objective, unbiased and fair into the playground of liberalism. It seems that anything goes and there is no standard for truth or morals. Truth and morals is the message that Duck Dynasty followers desire to hear.

Phil Robertson is the real deal. He is a fallen human being who is not afraid to put it all out there and admit his faults. Robertson’s son Jase tells of his Dad not being so pleasant when he was younger, but now deeply respects and admires him because he has had first hand experience in watching his Dad’s transformation. Jase shares about making a pledge to Christ, stressing the fact that sitting in a pew does not make an individual a Christian. It is a choice which takes commitment. Jase and his wife were virgins when they married. When they had their daughter, she was born with a cleft palate. No that is not fair, but there is a lot about life that is not fair, and when going through a trying time, it is much easier going through with Christ, than without.

Misconceptions about Christians are just that. Christians are real people, with real feelings, and real challenges. The Duck Dynasty family are real people, with real feelings and real challenges, but they are also a family who stands for Christian values. They are a representation of good role models. The words that Phil Robertson has spoken in reference to the gay community is not to come against the people who are gay, but to define that their choice of lifestyle is not acceptable according to the Word of God. Robertson may be the messenger, but it is God who defines the message. The double-standard backlash that the Duck Dynasty family is experiencing is clearly one of prejudice against the Christian community. To clarify, the gay community is free to call Christians homo-phobes, so is it okay for the Christian community calls the gays Christian-phobes? Agreeing to disagree seems more civil.

Robertson said that one of the guys in the media just thought he was mouthing off about homosexual behavior and admitted that he did not know that there were specific scriptures in the Word of God that defined God’s point of view on sexual immorality and that it is considered to be sin. So Phil presented the scripture to him in I Corinthians. No one knows what they do not know, until someone shows them what they do not know. Robertson’s heart is to speak the truth so that those who are walking down a wrong path can have the option to change. Change is strictly the individuals choice.

Another of Robertson’s sons, Alan, recently spoke at the Family Research Council’s Watchmen on the Wall 2014, meeting to encourage pastors to preach the gospel without compromise. Duck Dynasty, which has been most successful in reality TV,  is taking a stand to restore  integrity of truth to this nation.  A local newspaper guy had informed the Robertsons that their message was not politically correct. Duck Dynasty’s stance is to remain united and to be God correct rather than politically correct. Agreement, which is a principle that is taught in the Word of God, is a quality that holds steady within the lineage of this family.

Duck Dynasty is gearing up for their sixth season to premiere June 11. Louisiana Govenor Bobby Jindal is scheduled to appear on the show this season and is one of the family’s most avid supporters. Right and wrong does exist, but it is up to each individual to determine what choice is made. God’s Word is a love story for all to receive and that is what the Duck Dynasty family is desiring to convey in the midst of this double-standard backlash.

Commentary By Jill Boyer-Adriance

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4 Responses to "Duck Dynasty Double-Standard Backlash?"

  1. Dean   May 27, 2014 at 1:51 pm

    7OI agree that the double standard is in the media’s way of putting anyone down who does not agree with their point of view.

  2. marshall   May 27, 2014 at 5:40 am

    Eric, are you paying attention. What double standard. The offense is not that someone disagrees, The offense is that because someone says something that offends you that he should be tarred and feathered. The constitution allows you to say what you want to and Phil to say what he wants to. Heres an idea you stop watching Duck Dynesty and find a show that you agree with . There are plenty of them out there. In fact most of them have a different perspective on life. Southpark offends me and everything I believe in why do people stll have the right to watch it? Freespeech. You see, it works both ways.

  3. Ray Daniel   May 26, 2014 at 2:50 pm

    The liberal media shows blatant ignorance of God’s Word and unabashed pro-sin biase against Christians who want to live according to God’s standards, not those of ‘a dying world’. They just don’t get it, going to church doesn’t make me a Christian, my daily commitment to Christ as Lord and Savior does.

  4. Eric   May 26, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    Nothing offensive about comparing homosexuality to beastiality and gays to murderers. You want him to be able to say what you agree with but if someone disagrees that’s a violation. There’s the real double standard.


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