Ellen Page Speaks About Being Gay


Ellen Page came out to the world at a LBGT event, and reflects on past feelings leading to that event. Page first came out to her parents at 19 years old, and yet still continued to live in shame. The Juno actress expressed how she did not really except herself fully. She was not even comfortable around gay people, because she felt like she hiding who she was. The fear that came from the same of being gay made he awkward around gay individuals. Page spoke candidly about how it feels to walk in the truth of being gay.

Page made a full statement completely breaking down the mental dialogue one has with themselves when embracing their sexuality. She said, “you think you’re in a place where you’re all I’m thrilled to be gay, I don’t have any issues about being gay anymore.” Page continued to speak on how people often try to convince themselves they are no longer ashamed, but they really are.

Though, the young starlet knew she was gay early on it took a strong revelation to break her out of fear. As time went by Page eventually realized she did not want to hide her love. She felt like it should not be a secret anymore. If she wanted to hold her girlfriends hand walking down the street in public, it is okay. Loving someone freely should not be a fear anyone has in his or her life. However, it is natural to be nervous.

This 27-year-old finally got herself to a point where she could address the public and be open and honest. Page stated how emotional she was in the midst of being very, very, very nervous. That 8-minute speech was very important to her and the LBGT community. This is a community that seeks positive leaders they can depend on to represent their best interest.

On Valentines Day of this year the talented actress attended the aforementioned LGBT Conference called ‘Time to THRIVE’, in Las Vegas. She took to the stage an announced to her peers that she was openly gay. Page’s words exactly, “I’m here today because I’m gay, and because maybe I can make a difference to help others have an easier or more hopeful time.” The response she got after speaking shocked her. Page admits she was expecting things to be more hateful. However, she received massive support from fellow actors and actresses. In addition to that she received full support on social media. They commended her bravery.

Of course everyonePage is not so excepting of the gay lifestyle. Page experienced that on her flight back from Vegas. A pastor seen fit to drop her a note telling her it is good that she came out. The ugly side came when Page realized it was his way of saying she was emotionally struggling, and might need a fatherly embrace. The guy signed it Your Heavenly Daddy.

She feels that is the worst kind of homophobia, so she took to twitter to speak out. Page tweeted saying, her being gay was not a choice, and her soul is not struggling. Plus she added that she would prefer the arms of a girl instead of his Heavenly Arms.


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