James Franco Speaks Harshly About Lindsay Lohan


Superstar actor of This is The End James Franco, has done something most men never do. He denied bedding a beautiful actress who had him on her list. The 36-year-old actor did an interview with Howard Stern and he addressed a few rumors. One of the main rumors he was adamant on clearing up was the one about him and Freaky Friday star Lindsay Lohan. When Stern opened the floor for that topic he just went off the handle. According to, Franco Lohan has an obsession with him and made everything up about them. He only admitted to a lame kiss with her. Franco even swore on his mother that nothing else happened.

He spoke openly about how he met her when she was shooting Spider-Man2 in 2004. Franco claimed he exercised bad judgment when trying to pick up Lohan who was underage at the time. Apparently, for some reason he could not follow his conscious, that was asking him what he was doing. Kissing Lohan was far more than he should have been doing at her age, but he did anyway.

The Palo Alto actor told Stern that she is delusional for believing that anything occurred between them in New York. He went so far as to say that if Stern asked her face-to-face she would lie. It is Franco’s belief that Lohan might be crazy over him him, because she began to stock him. He broke down one serious account where Lohan just showed up uninvited to see him.

He recounted a time where he came home late to the hotel and she tracked him down. However, it did not get creepy until he spoke about the fact that she broke in his house and he woke up to her staring at him. There is no reason for anyone to be another person’s house at 3 am unless they are a resident.

Stern tried to offer some sense of explanation for Lohan’s behavior. He said maybe that list she made was of past loves. Franco replied with a snide remark saying he was on her list of obsessions.

What is the logical reason for Lohan’s actions? Could she have possibly been a girl young in love, or did Franco exaggerate. There is no way to know for sure unless someone takes a polygraph. That is not necessary for such a trivial situation. The only thing to do would be to put them in the same room and question them together. It is always easier to tell who is lying when face to face with them. There is a saying that states there is always three sided to the story, In this case there is Franco’s side, Lohan’s side, and the truth.

Stern may find that there would be a little truth in what they both say. He may not have slept with her, but did he want to? Was he kissing her like he wanted a morning after? Did she reject him and any advances he may have made? Being rejected is enough to make anyone feel insecure, no matter if they are a successful actor or not.


By: Schelett Rickenbacker



ABC News

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