Emma Watson’s Mystery Date at Brown University Graduation

Emma Watson's Mystery Date at Brown University Graduation

Harry Potter actress and alum, Emma Watson, graduated from Brown University with a mysterious lady at her side. The mystery date sat with Watson through the graduation ceremony and was never more than an arm’s length away from Watson the entire day Sunday.

Emma Watson, most known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter blockbuster movie series, has not only graduated from Hogwarts, but is now an alumnus of the highly esteemed Ivy League school located in Providence, Rhode Island. Watson received her bachelor’s degree in English literature, proving she’s not only one of today’s most talented young actresses, but she has brains to boot.

It took Watson six years to obtain her first bachelor’s degree due to her demanding schedule, in which she filmed hits like the Bling Ring and most recently, the Biblical blockbuster of epic proportions, Noah, alongside Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly. Watson also studied at Oxford University in order to fulfill some of her required course credits while attending Brown.

Although clearly an independent young woman, Watson, 24, did not attend her graduation ceremony alone, but was instead escorted by an unknown woman who was Watson’s mystery date. The dark-haired woman sat next to Watson during the ceremony, appearing as if she were just another student graduating among her peers; but, there is more to this woman’s story and identity than meets the eye.

Due to Watson’s celebrity status it was important that she have a friend at her side should something go wrong as she received her college diploma. This woman, however, is possibly more than a friend in that she could be Watson’s personal bodyguard undercover and posing as just another one of the 2,000 students of Brown University’s graduating class of 2014.

While the woman’s identity may have gone unnoticed to the common observer, it did not get past the media’s ever-watchful eye. Watson’s bodyguard, who it was speculated was either hired by Watson herself or provided by Brown University, was unexpressive during the ceremony.

Following Emma Watson’s graduation ceremony, the armed security guard disrobed to reveal that she was packing some serious heat; she was armed with a badge, walkie-talkie radio, mace, and a gun beneath her otherwise inconspicuous graduation garb.

The mystery date’s name has yet to be revealed, as Brown University officials would not comment on her identity, nor would they say whether she was under their employ for Watson’s personal protection. Brown spokesman Mark Nickel refused to answer questions when asked whether the woman was a campus police officer. Nickel said that he was unable to comment on why Watson had an undercover armed bodyguard with her while attending her graduation.

Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steve Pare, however, was at liberty to speak about the bodyguard’s identity. Pare stated that she was not a Providence officer, and based on other reports, the one person that Watson is never seen without is retired NYPD lieutenant Denise Morrone, who Watson pays a whopping $150K a year to keep her safe.

Watson is reportedly valued at $38 million, so $150K is a drop in the bucket to ensure her personal safety, and it seems the extra security is warranted. While filming Noah in 2012, a fan snuck past security and deeply upset Watson while on set, spurring her to hire her own personal bodyguard.

It is still uncertain whether Watson’s private bodyguard Denise Morrone was, in fact, the same woman escorting Watson, as she has lighter-colored hair and softer, more rounded features than the woman at Watson’s side that day, who had dark hair and more angular facial features. There seem to be no reports verifying that Morrone was in attendance, which has led to the speculation that the armed officer was another woman either hired by Watson or provided by Brown at Watson’s disposal, but officials refused to answer questions surrounding the woman’s identity. Therefore, Emma Watson’s mystery date at the Brown University graduation might remain just that…a mystery.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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