Facebook Leads to Finding of Newborn


A couple have found their abducted newborn and it is all due to Facebook. So, despite all the problems with privacy and the danger behind posts being seen by anybody, there are some benefits. The baby girl was spotted in Quebec and is now safe and sound with her parents.

It is a scary time for parents normally, especially those who are first-time parents. There are a lot of questions about whether the baby will be safe from harm once outside the hospital. However, the maternity ward is supposed to be the safest place for their babies. Mothers are often more at ease because there are nurses and midwives around to help them settle in and figure out the first few days.

This latest case just shows that that is not always going to happen. Nurses are not always the people they say they are. Melissa McMahon learned the hard way that anybody can dress in a pair of scrubs. When her little girl, Victoria, was just 16 hours old, a 21-year-old woman dressed in scrubs walked in and just picked up the baby. Who would question such a sight? The mother even spoke to the woman, who said that she needed to take the baby to be weighed.

Luckily, it took a few hours for police to return the child. The mother went straight online to share photos of herself with her newborn, and explained the situation. The photo of the woman who took the baby was also shared on the social media site, and then shared by people who had no idea who the little girl or her parents were.

It was Facebook that led to the finding of the newborn. Four people recognized the woman in the photos and went to the location of her home. They waited to make sure someone was home, and then called the police to alert them of the suspect. The group waited and filmed the whole situation, while the police went in and retrieved the newborn girl.

The whole situation shows the power of Facebook and other social media accounts. Just one post spread across the province and alerted the right people.

This is not the first time that people have been alerted to the power of social media. Teachers have regularly taught children a lesson by getting posts shared across the world to see just how dangerous it can be. However, this case shows just how beneficial it can also be too.

Despite all the problems with privacy, it does go to show that the social media giant has its uses. McMahon has praised the site for the ability to get the word out so quickly and efficiently. While something like this could have been shared on the news, the four people who spotted the photos may not have been watching at the right timeā€”or even at all.

Baby Victoria is now back in the arms of her mom, and the four people have been thanked in person for their actions. However, Facebook cannot be forgotten as the reason for leading to the newborn being found.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


Huffington Post


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