Hayden Panettiere Pregnant With First Child?

Hayden Panettiere

Rumors are circulating that Hayden Panettiere is pregnancy with her first child. However, these rumors have only started after a friend of the star told Us Weekly that the star was expecting a baby. The Nashville star has not yet confirmed anything.

If the rumors are true, it will be the first child for her and her fiance Wladimir Klitschko. The couple has been engaged for a year now, but have had to postpone their wedding. Klitschko is from Ukraine, and his brother is one of the main people involved in helping to find a solution. The couple wants the groom-to-be’s brother there on the day, and also wants to make sure it is safe for his whole family to travel across.

There are also possibilities that they decided to put the wedding on hold knowing that they were having a child. The 24-year-old may want to have her baby and lose her baby weight before thinking about walking down the aisle.

Panettiere recently shared her excitement and plans for the future. Children are definitely part of that, and she spoke to Glamour Magazine about her feelings towards motherhood. Unlike some women, she does not see children as an end to her life. To her, being a mother is exciting and beautiful, and there are still many things that she can accomplish.

Plenty of actresses have already proven that being a mother does not end a career. Angelina Jolie recently spoke out about her decisions as a parent, and her ability to take time off when she wants. She also hit out at the privileged moms who complain about not seeing their children. Non-celebrity mothers also prove that having a life while having children is also possible. Many women are now starting their own businesses after having a child in the home.

While the rumors of Panettiere being pregnant with her first child have not been confirmed, the Heroes actress did recently talk about how her children would look. In November last year, she told Ellen DeGeneres that her children would have straight legs considering her husband-to-be has bowlegs but she has knocked knees. She also joked about their height being normal since she is so short but he is 6’ 6”!

This could be the perfect time for the couple to start a family. The two are very happy together, and both have successful careers—she as an actress and he as a boxer. Panettiere explained that she has already lived a very big life, and would like to start a family hinting that this could be the perfect timing.

The actress currently plays spoilt, country singer Juliette Barnes on Nashville, but is most well-known for playing Clare Bennett on Heroes. Those who do remember her as the cheerleader on the superhero show may wonder whether she is even old enough to think about starting a family. It can be very difficult to comprehend that young stars are growing up, which another child star Hilary Duff, spoke about recently.

There is still no confirmation, but it could be congratulations all around. Rumors are that Panettiere is pregnant with her first child.

By Alexandria Ingham



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