Facebook Unfriending Is Unnecessary and a Bad Idea


Facebook unfriending is unnecessary, and in some cases a bad idea. There are many people who choose to go on a massive delete spree to cut ties with others in their lives. In fact, some publications have shared the type of people who should be unfriended, and how to decide who makes the cut.

However, mass deleting people on the social media giant makes many look unfriendly, for lack of a better word. It comes across as being snobby and as if someone is better than everyone else. There may be genuine reasons for unfriending some people, like those who they have fallen out with in real life, but is there really a need to get rid of everyone?

Some people choose to unfriend those on Facebook that they have no heard from in a while. However, that one person could come in use a few years down the line. It is not a case of what someone knows, but who they know that will get them further in life in many cases. That one person someone decided to delete from his or her social media life could have been the one person who would land him or her a job.

Cutting ties with someone on the social media giant comes across as rude. Many people opt for it because they are fed up with certain posts showing up in newsfeeds. However, unfriending someone for this on Facebook is not just a bad idea, but completely unnecessary. The social media giant makes it easy to cull out the posts that someone does not want to see.

When a post appears in the newsfeed, it is possible to choose to make it disappear. This is the case for group posts and individual posts. To the right of the post is a little arrow. When a user clicks that, a drop-down menu appears. There are multiple options, including the ability to report posts. Reporting posts should only happen when a post really is breaking the rules or when it is spam. The report will be sent to Facebook, who decides whether to remove the post, the person or not go anything about it at all.

The drop-down menu also offers the ability to hide that individual post, or hide all posts from the same user, group or page that has been liked. Those posts will never appear again, but there is no need to disconnect from a person. The other person will never know that their posts have been hidden on a user’s newsfeed.

It is also possible to “make newsfeed better,” which is another option in the drop-down menu. This takes a user through a series of posts to rate. Those that are rated highly will appear on the news feed in the future.

The social media giant offers many more options now to create a personal experience. It does not matter how many “friends” someone has on the site or not. It is now simply unnecessary to unfriend people on Facebook, let alone it being a bad idea.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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