Hayden Panettiere Is the Talent People Want to Hate


The famous actress Hayden Panettiere plays a beyond troubled country singer on ABC’s hit television show Nashville. The star has reportedly worried about her character on the show, Juliette Barnes, and her fans’ reaction to the constant trouble the fictional country star finds herself in. While some fans may become annoyed with Barnes, the sentiment is normally only temporary. Week after week fans are anxious to see if Barnes’ life will become easier to navigate, and they cheer her on with every accomplishment. Deep down, fans want to hate Panettiere’s character, but the talent and aura of Barnes is extremely alluring.

Each episode of Nashville is a roller coaster of emotions for Barnes. Her mother was an addict whom was reliant on her famous daughter and what seemed like her success. Though her mother died honoring Barnes, she was a major cause of stress throughout the beginning stages of the show. With her mother’s passing, fans were hopeful that the wrinkles of Barnes’ life would become smooth and allow her a chance to grow in the absence of her mother’s draining energy.

An entirely positive relationship with another human seems almost impossible for Barnes. From an ongoing feud between her and the show’s other star, Rayna James, to a jealous battle with Scarlett O’Connor over a man’s affection, Barnes is no stranger to drama. However, no matter how intense her character’s life seems to become, fans stay fiercely glued by Panettiere’s side, loving and hating her all at the same time and hoping that one day she will catch a break and live her life in peace.

While there is no question that Panettiere’s character is a diva, she possesses a very short fuse and does not hesitate to blow up at the first person who looks at her cross-eyed. Through her role as Barnes, Panettiere has proven that she is a multi-faceted artist with more tricks up her sleeve than she can count. Panettiere is beautiful and talented, which helps give her Nashville characteran edge and wit that is not normally performed so successfully. The actress was nominated for best supporting actress at the 2013 Golden Globe awards, proving that fans are indeed captivated by her weekly, batty performance.

Barnes is written as an absolute mess. She slept with her mother’s sober coach, uses her publicity and fame to spite her rivals and acts like the most confusingly insecure girl in every high school. However, Barnes does have drive, which is worthy of respect. She grew up in a trailer park, impoverished and alone. Upon realizing she had talent and drive to live life as she dreamed, she left Alabama for Nashville and, in three short years, made a name for herself. She climbed to the top of the charts and was a symbol of success.

It is not every day that a character like Barnes ends up being so annoying and yet so well liked. Panettiere is an amazing talent. With flawless effort, she brings so much life, depth, emotion and hate to her character. While it is uncertain where Barnes will end up, it is almost guaranteed that fans will be pleased regardless of the outcome.

Opinion by Courtney Heitter

The Hollywood Reporter
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