Fargo The Six Ungraspables: a Parable (Recap/Review)

Fargo The Six Ungraspables: a Parable (Recap/Review)
This week’s episode of Fargo, The Six Ungraspables features a little backstory and a parable. It opens with a reveal on just how Lester Nygaard got the shotgun used to kill the old police chief and wound him. Lester goes into Ulis Sporting Goods Store to buy some socks, which are marked as “best offer.” After a few moments of awkward haggling, the store’s owner suggests that Lester give him $55 and he’ll let him have the socks and a double barrel 12 gauge shotgun. Since this is backstory, Nygaard’s wife is still alive and viewers are reminded of just how unpleasant she was.

The bit of backstory comes with the actual shooting of the chief and a spotlight on just how that shotgun pellet wound up in Lester’s hand. Back to present day and Nygaard in still in the jail cell with the two hitmen who want an answer on who killed Hess. One of the men grab Lester’s infected wound and as he fights to stay alert and not throw up he finally gives up Lorne Malvo. The wife murderer does not look well at all as his hand is going septic.

Molly, who has never given up on her investigation of Nygaard, finally presents enough information to new Chief Oswalt to make him stop protecting Lester. She gets permission to question her main suspect at last and finds that he is in custody after punching the police officer in last week’s show in an effort to escape the two killers who had kidnapped him.

In Fargo: The Six Ungraspables, Lorne Malvo cracks Stavros the supermarket king who agrees, shakily, to pay the million dollars. Gus cannot sleep because of his interaction with Malvo and when his neighbor, who notices Grimly sitting at his kitchen table with a glass of milk, comes to join Gus he tells the troubled police officer a parable.

The story, of a rich man who gives up everything to save the world, ends with the lesson that only a fool thinks he can fix the world’s problems. Gus questions this saying that surely man has to try. Malvo buys a police scanner and a walkie talkie from his “supplier” and in a signposting of a conversation that the mischief-maker has with Stavros later about the founders of Rome, there are two images of wolves on screens in the back of the van.

Stavros is suitably freaked out by the bugs in his store and the phone call referencing the plagues of Egypt. So much so that he tells Lorne once he’s collected his money for the pay off, the supermarket king no longer needs Malvo’s services. The original blackmailer, Stavros’ ex wife’s lover, who has been helping Lorne, gets locked into a closet in his house and Malvo then puts long screws through the door into the jam to keep the bronzed blackmailer captive.

Fargo Viewers are then treated to what is running through a very sick Lester’s mind as he lies in the jail cell. Molly and Bill look at the semi-conscious mumbling man with concern. Molly tries to question Nygaard in the ambulance while he continues to ramble. He disjointed murmuring is about the socks and the shotgun the audience saw at the beginning of the show. Before the officer can get a specific answer from the ill man about just what happened with Lorne the ambulance attendants take Lester out of the vehicle.

The two hit men learn what Malvo looks like after a police officer from Bemidji brings out the file with the picture of Lorne dragging the soon to be frozen dead man on CCTV. Gus, who still cannot sleep after the parable, goes out and sees Malvo again. Later the Lorne tracks down where Grimly lives but gets chased off by Gus’ storytelling neighbor.

Fargo The Six Ungraspables contains a parable which seems to prove that Gus’s version of the lesson is one that pretty much prevails with not only him but Molly. Both these officer’s of the law have kept looking for the the truth, or in Grimly’s case attempting to redeem himself for not questioning Malvo in the first episode. This show is still as addictive as Twin Peaks used to be and will hopefully continue to keep its wonderfully dark quirkiness. Fargo airs on Tuesday nights on FX.

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