Firefox Gets New Look


Regular users of the web browser by Mozilla will most likely have realized the changes that have been made. The classic browser has more things upgraded than just simply its appearance. Firefox’s new look and shiny new features are sure to delight web surfers everywhere with the new version 29.

This new update could not have come at a better time. Hordes of web browsing citizens are still reeling from the recent “glitch” that threw a wrench into Internet Explorer’s works. Firefox is over a decade old and it already has a good reputation for being among one of the most secure tools for surfing the internet. However this has not stopped users from migrating from the Mozilla product over to Google’s simplistic Chrome browser. While Firefox’s new look may not make them the next Google Chrome browser, it does give them a chance to catch up. Austrilas is the new name given to the upgraded design from the Mozilla corporation.

One of the newer features in the upgraded internet tool is the simplification of the interface. When a regular user powers-up the redesigned Firefox browser, the first thing that will be noticed is the disappearance of the small orange box in the top left corner. That orange box has since been replaced by a three-lined button and has been moved to the upper right hand corner. It still controls the same functions as the old orange button, but it does not stick out as obviously as it once did before.

Another change frequent users will notice is the new way that multiple tabs appear on the browser. Active tabs are completely visible and shaded while they are in use, but background tabs fade to become nearly invisible and therefore are out of the way. This new addition comes as an accepted change by some and is looked at as a nuisance by others. It does come in handy for web surfers that do a lot of video streaming. Since the inactive tabs almost completely disappear, they are not as much of a distraction to the eyes. However, the users that are visually impaired might find a way to complain about the new transparent browser tabs.

Bookmarking web pages is another simplified option given by the new look given to Firefox. It really is as easy as one, two, three. In this case first, second and third. First, the user presses the bookmark button that is in the form of a star that is not shaded in. Second, The star turns yellow and the page is now a bookmarked item. Third, an extremely brief animation shows where the bookmarked page goes on the user’s menu. All of this happens right in front of the user’s eyes with one click of the mouse.

The Firefox new look goes farther than what is placed in out in front of the user. Chrome surfers enjoy their experience with the Google browser because it gives the ability to customize the layout of your browser menu. Firefox came back with its own brand of interface customization. The new configuration methods are simple and allow the user to pick and choose what buttons and options they want use frequently and want to appear in their pull-down menu. Simple customization, two words that can accurately describe the new Firefox look and interface options.

Firefox’s new look also comes with the ability to synchronize bookmarks and setting universally between different devices. This data sync technology is made possible through Firefox account that also operates through email and cloud storage.

The new Firefox is definitely worth trying out in order to make a sound decision on whether or not to make the browser change. Firefox gets a new look and it is a welcome change for web surfers that are looking to change browsers or long time Firefox user that were with the web tool from the beginning. It really proves that there is beauty in simplicity.

Commentary by Mike White

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