Florida Woman Allegedly Kills Her Teenage Children Because They Were ‘Really Mean’

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Florida Woman Allegedly Kills Her Teenage Children Because They Were 'Really Mean'

A Florida woman who has been accused of allegedly shooting and killing her two teenage children reportedly told a police investigator that her children had both been “really mean” and she hoped they each were dead. She also allegedly said she loved them from the time they were born up to the age of six, explained Julie Schenecker to Tampa Police Detective Gary Sandel back in January of 2011.

She had also said that the two teens became “sassy” as they grew up, especially her daughter and that just made her snap, hit the last straw. All this was in the police interview, which had been recorded, and was played in court on Wednesday.

Prosecutors declared that Schenecker murdered her daughter, Calyx, age 16, and her son Beau, age 13. Schenecker has given a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity to two counts of murder in the first-degree. If she is convicted, she will be facing a sentence life in prison without the possibility of parole. Florida prosecutors decided against going after the death penalty.

Schenecker, age 53, had also explained to Detective Sandel on the recording how she had been introduced to her now ex-husband, Parker, while they both were serving in the Army. She stated that she worked in the military she became a mother.

During the taped interview, it was noted that her voice was slow and incoherent. She declared that she had been in psychotherapy and was taking numerous prescriptions, such as Lithium for bipolar disorder.

She admitted to the detective that she had long been thinking of suicide. She said that she felt horrible, but she had been considering doing the killings for a long time. Schenecker’s lawyers stated in court that she had suffered from depression and bipolar disorder for many years.

During the interview with Detective Sandel, it was reported that Schenecker did seem to be confused at various times. She even asked him if her kids would be coming in later.

After that, the detective questioned her about where her children were and Schenecker stated that Calyx was in her bedroom in her bed where she had put her after she shot and allegedly killed her, and that Beau was inside the family’s minivan where she had supposedly killed him. She uttered that she hoped they were both dead and asked Detective Sandel if he thought they were.

The detective replied that both teenagers were definitely dead. Schenecker then proceeded to tell how she wanted to also kill herself after she murdered her teenage kids, but she was unable to articulate just how she failed to do so. She explained that her son died first and that her daughter was killed second. She added that she wished she had been able to have been third.

Prosecutors declared the two slayings were considered premeditated because Schenecker purchased the gun she used a number of days before she performed the shootings on the teenage girl and boy. They ended their side of the case on Wednesday. The defense should start presenting its side on Friday. However they have already drilled Detective Sandel on whether he should have held an interview with Schenecker due to her appearing impaired and shaky.

Schenecker’s ex-husband Parker was in the courtroom for the evidence. The couple had been married and he was over in the Middle East during the times of the murders of his children. They ended up divorcing months after Schenecker was placed under arrest.

Julie Schenecker has been accused of allegedly shooting and killing both her teenage daughter and son. She reportedly told a police investigator that her children had both been “really mean” to her and she wished they each were dead. She definitely has had that wish come true thanks to her own hand.

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