Green Bay Packers Draft No Laughing Matter: Packers Pride

PackersThe Green Bay Packers were twenty first in the first round of the draft. Some of the more important positions for the Packers to fill were on defense. During the draft it was no laughing matter for the Packers to pick up a safety, they choose Ha Ha (Ha’Sean) Clinton-Dix.


Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has some great strengths to fill the void the Packers have so badly been in need of. Clinton-Dix has speed and agility, being able to reach the play quickly. He has the ability to read and react to the offense, which will fit nicely in the Packers backfield. Clinton-Dix has a wide range, long wingspan and the ability to run down his opponents.

PackersThe Packers will enjoy Clinton-Dix’s ability to tackle as well. He is not afraid of taking on his opponent directly, with force and is great at securing his opponent. Clinton-Dix is well versed in the game, has a knack of sniffing out the ball, and stays in his pocket when necessary. This shows he has patience and trust in his teammates.


The weakness is never a laughing matter but for the Green Bay Packers, their first round draft pick has very few. It may be better said that Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has some weaknesses that can be worked out with some personal time and good old coaching. Clinton-Dix has a narrow build and some of the bulk a lot of teams would like. He does not have a real leaping ability and tends to play in a conservative style. He has some timing issues that can be worked out and his size can always be worked on.

He has not always been a ball hawk, but has proven to be a force when he is on his game. The idea that he has no room to grow would be a ridiculous statement, as he has shown a great deal of potential. Clinton-Dix had two very different seasons to end his college career. There are some questions if his play some time ago was too aggressive and he, in turn, slowed it down some. He will have to pick that inner beast back up to play in the NFL.

Need for the Packers

PackersThe safety position was definitely one of the top priorities for the Green Bay Packers. M.D. Jennings was let go this year without any kind of offer on the table, going to the Bears on a one-year contract. The Packers ranked twenty fourth in defense last year as they gave up a lot of big plays due to the play of their safeties and corners. There were some bright spots on the defense, but overall, they looked terrible. If not for the offense being able to keep up with other teams, the Packers would never have won the division.

This is a good beginning for the Packers. They will be trying to solve their problems on the defensive side of the ball this draft year. A tight end may be a position on their radar but the defense may take over their draft, leaving the offense without any help. It will depend on how the draft goes but the obvious move for the Packers is to turn around their defense.

With the twenty first draft pick, the Green Bay Packers picked Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, and that is no laughing matter. It was just what the doctor ordered for the Green Bay Packers. It wasn’t clear if Clinton-Dix would still be available, but after grabbing him in the NFL Draft, now the Packers are able to breathe a little easier.

Commentary by Jabar Morarend

CBS Sports

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