Ford Motor Company Changing Hands

FordAfter eight years of leadership Alan Mulally has announced his retirement from Ford Motor Company, and the changing of hands in the leadership of the automotive giant is slated for as early as July of this year. This has been in the works for over a year, however the date has been moved up by over 6 months. Mulally has led Ford through the economic downfall, and made it the most prosperous it has been in the last 19 quarters. Taking the helm will be Mark Fields who has been the automotive companies Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the past 2 years. He has been working the global business portion of the company as COO, and has transformed many of the car manufacturers operations around the globe in his 25 years working at the automotive giant. Executive Chairman, Bill Ford believes that he is ready to take the lead and take the company into the future. He is giving Fields his full support and backing, which is saying a lot, and his executive team is also fully in support of this change. Their combined experience should make the transition easier according to Mulally, who has no concerns about the change over, and predicts that it will go seamlessly.

Mulally has put 8 years into leading Ford, and has had an impressive 45-year career in the industry. He has led the company into the development of an extremely strong product line, and it has become the best in the company’s history. His success does not just stop with his internal leadership, he was at the helm when they weathered the economic crisis and became one of the strongest automotive companies in the world. Without taking a dime from the government at a time when the other auto makers were getting bailed out, Mulally stood strong and weathered the storm, and came out stronger than ever. The transition will be moved up 6 months, to July of this year, as the company believes that Fields and the current executive team is more than ready, and are strong enough to lead within this ramped up transition period.


Ford and Mulally feel strongly about the changing of hands and know it is time to begin the transition. The 53-year-old Fields was announced as successor at their Dearborn facility on Thursday May 1, announcing what they describe as being a seamless transition between the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and the current COO. Fields has experience in many facets of the inner workings of Ford, and has been an integral part of transforming the North American operations. He turned record losses into record profits in each of the four years that he held the position.

Mulally professed his sincerest thanks for all the support during his time at Ford Motor Company, and pledged his all during this time of transition. He is fully backing Fields and the CEO and speaks of him in glowing terms and is giving him 100% support.

Fields underscored his commitment to the One Ford plan, including building on the company’s unprecedented global introduction of new products, innovations and excellence. The only question is whether Fields can successfully follow in the footsteps of one of the most successful CEO’s in companies history. Ford Motor Company is sure they will  thrive as they change hands and enter into a new era at the hands of Mike Fields.

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