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In the wake of a current Happy epidemic, there is no one that will question why Pharrell Williams is so happy. His song Happy has become a long-lasting hit on the charts, surpassing the popularity of Despicable Me 2. The song was written to depict the change in the film’s character from being evil to happy. It plays every day on the radio and everyone knows the words, from the oldest individual to the coolest teenager. A song is considered very unique when it transcends all barriers. Happy is an up-tempo infectious song that the world has taken ownership over.

Would anyone believe that the song Happy was not initially intended for Williams? Well, the 41-year-old revealed a little known secret to Howard Stern on his Howard 100 SiriusXM Radio show. It shocked the world to hear that the Happy song was originally meant for Cee-Lo Green. According to Williams, the song was first presented to Green. He says that the powers that be did not want Green to do it, and they vetoed his version. Williams praised Green for his version of the hit song but the timing was not right. Green had Cee-Lo’s Magic Movement coming out soon. Everyone close to the star advised him that it would be best to focus on the album instead.

Everyone can only wonder if those “powers that be” still have jobs right now. They advised the Atlanta singer to miss out on a hit that has been number one for ten weeks. It has made Skateboard P millions thus far, and that is not counting the many endorsements he gained. Williams currently has two major endorsements due to that song, one of them being Beats By Dre, and the other being the NBA. However, the great thing about this song is it makes everyone happy, because Cee-Lo is not bitter after passing on the song. He and Williams both understand that it was out of their hands. Pharrell said, “It was not [Cee-Lo’s] fault he was totally down with it.”

Those two are good friends, and they are definitely not keeping score on who is winning right now. If they were keeping score, it would be Pharrell 2 and Cee-lo 1. Williams not only got the Happy song that was intended for Green, but he also got his chair at hit show The Voice. However, as aforementioned no one is keeping score, they are both too humble to brag on personal gain. In fact, William’s has received Green’s support on both projects.

Williams most recent project is his second studio album Girl. It currently has two commercial hits on it. They are both commercial hits, because they can be seen in a few commercials. This year has seemed to be going his way, he has a wife, son, and a super successful career. Although, Cee-lo was the intended artist for Happy, Pharrell has emotionally connected to it. It is a little something called fate that landed this hit in his lap. It feels like this song was only made for him, because he embodies every single word in this happy song. It is safe to say Pharrell feels like happiness is the truth.

Opinion by: Schelett Rickenbacker

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  1. natella111   May 5, 2014 at 9:26 am

    Pharrell did an awesome job with Happy. I wish Cee-Lo Green’s version was available to listen too 🙂


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