Ford Mustang 2015 Prices Revealed

Ford MustangThe Ford Motor Company has recently revealed the base price, as well as certain technical specifications, for the brand new 2015 Ford Mustang. The base price of $24 425, which covers the basic V6 model, has been predicted by certain analysts to be a very attractive price, due to the fact that Ford is saying that the 3.7L V6 engine will produce over 300 brake horsepower, as well as at least 270 lb-ft of torque. The base prices for the Ford Mustang GT and EcoBoost have also been leaked, with the basic Mustang GT expected to start as low as $32 925. The EcoBoost model, equipped with a 2.3L turbocharged four cylinder engine that will turn out roughly 305 brake horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque, is expected to cost 25 995.

The entry level, V6, Ford Mustang costs roughly $1 000 more than the base model Mustang from 2014, but this price difference can be largely accounted for by the vast number of improvements. For example, the 2015 Mustang comes with 6-way power adjustable seats as a standard feature, as well as active noise cancellation technology and a rear spoiler. However, the most highly anticipated feature on the 2015 Ford Mustang is the fact that it now comes with fully independent rear suspension, a development which makes the newly revealed prices seem much more reasonable.

While the Ford Mustang GT may seem pricey compared to the V6 and EcoBoost models, it does come with a much larger engine, a 5.0L V8 which is slated to produce 420 brake horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque. Nor is power the only thing that the GT version comes with, as it comes standard with a dual exhaust system and 18-inch alloy wheels. These features, when added to the already impressive features standard on the base model, have incited some analysts to dub the Ford Mustang GT as one of the most highly anticipated cars of the year. Furthermore, if these figures aren’t impressive enough, the Ford Mustang GT 50 Year Edition will be available starting from $46 995.

The announcement of prices for the 2015 Mustang comes before that of the Chevrolet Camaro or the Dodge Challenger, which figure to be the Mustang’s main rivals. However, it has recently been announced that Dodge will be putting its most powerful engine ever into the 2015 Challenger, meaning that the Mustang is likely to be out gunned. The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is expected to have a supercharged 6.2L V8 engine, which is said to produce a minimum of 600 brake horsepower. These figures, if accurate, mean that the 2015 Challenger will have at least 180 brake horsepower more than the 2015 Ford Mustang GT, although the Dodge is expected to cost significantly more than its Ford counterpart.

Finally, while dealers have begun placing orders for the 2015 Ford Mustang, it is unlikely that they will be available in showrooms until this coming fall, by which time more information is likely to surface. For example, the full pricing scheme of the 2015 Ford Mustang has not yet been revealed, and the extra features available on the GT 50 Year Edition remain something of a mystery to consumers. Regardless, the 2015 Mustang, which is the first model of the new generation of Mustangs, will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with in the American muscle car market.

By Nicholas Grabe

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