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Four People Found Dead in Tennis Star James Blake’s Exploded Home



Four bodies have been discovered in the exploded home of star tennis player James Blake, in a devastating tragedy that has yet to yield sufficient details into what exactly transpired.

A fire was reported in the early morning hours of May 7, 2014 by a neighbor walking her dog. When firefighters entered Blake’s home to search for any possible life form, they came across the horrifying discovery of three dead bodies. A fourth was to be discovered later in the investigation. The bodies consisted of two adults and two teenagers.

Blake was not home at the time of the incident, nor had he been living there for reportedly at least a year. The tennis player had been renting his home to the above victims since his departure.

Reports stated that the fire looked to be intentionally set, and that two of the victims had sustained what was undeniably upper body trauma.

In a horrifying twist, an official investigating the event in Blake’s home reported that fireworks had been strapped to one of the victim’s heads. It is, of yet, unclear why the person who committed this crime chose to involve the fireworks, although it is possible that the fireworks were possibly used as a method of damaging the bodies so severely that they would be unrecognizable upon forensic investigation.

In the 911 call initiated by the aforementioned neighbor, Blake’s home was described as having “just exploded” and “just so horrible”. The tenants were described to be quiet people who kept to themselves.

Another neighbor reported hearing “several loud booms” before going to investigate. Upon taking a closer look at the scene, the man described what was coming out of Blake’s garage as an “instant fireball inferno”. He also alleged that several more explosions were heard emanating from the home later that morning.

From this latter piece of information, it can only be assumed that the fireworks said to be strapped to one of the victim’s heads had gone off as planned, adding to the damage that had been purposefully caused to the home.

As for the cause of death among the victims, this has yet to be determined. Aside from the aforementioned evidence of the upper body trauma found on two of the deceased, no further findings have been discovered that would help authorities better piece together the cause and reasoning behind this tragic event.

It can be safely assumed, because of the damage done to the victims themselves, that foul play is certainly being included as a possible factor in the death of this family. At this time, however, no suspects have been apprehended, nor are any being questioned. There are still too many loose ends for officials to tie up when it comes to compiling a sufficient investigation in the matter.

Time will tell when it comes to deciphering the exact events that transpired leading up to this unfortunate event, but the authorities involved are certainly doing their best in terms of putting this mystery to bed.

By Rebecca Grace


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