Fox Reveals Fall TV Line-Up

FoxFox network has revealed its fall TV line-up, and some major changes are happening. A number of shows that were expected to do well are being cancelled, and there is a focus on a new type of series. Some of the changes for the fall 2014 line-up have been expected considering the dismal ratings for the last year.

One of the biggest changes is the talent show line-up. X-Factor has been cancelled, and American Idol will see a decrease in viewing time. It seems like the American public is fed up with the constant talent shows, and wants to see something worthwhile from now on. However, reality shows are not on the way out. Tuesdays will see the new reality show Utopia air, while Wednesdays will have Hell’s Kitchen.

For those who love comedy, there is some good news. The Simpsons will be back, which will see a major character death in the first episode. This is only the second time the show has killed off a character for good. Family Guy will also make a return, but chances are no major character will be killed off. Many fans have still not forgiven the creators for killing Brian and then bringing him back a couple of weeks later.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has gained a second season, and Mulaney, a new comedy, will grace the screens. The two will be intertwined with the veteran comedy shows on a Sunday night. Considering they are a half hour long each that is certainly understandable.

However, there is some sad news for comedy lovers in Fox’s reveal of its fall TV line-up. Tuesdays used to have a two-hour comedy block, but will now be reduced to one hour. New Girl and The Mindy Project will now run back-to-back, in favor for the new reality show just before it. This is similar to something NBC is planning to do.

A hot anticipated show has been confirmed in the TV line-up. Gotham will air on Monday nights just before Sleepy Hollow. The premise is a prequel to the Batman storylines, and is the drama that Fox is hoping will take the ratings back up. The two shows on Mondays is an attempt to battle against NBC’s The Voice, which will return for its seventh season. Likewise, Utopia will be up against the results show of The Voice on a Tuesday.

Comedy Sunday will be up against NBC’s Football Sunday. That is likely to pull in a similar crowd as in the past, as long as the writing for the four shows remains consistently good. The idea of killing a character in The Simpsons is one way to bring in more viewers.

American Idol and Glee are coming back, but it is bad news for fans. They are now just midseason shows, and likely due to the poor ratings over the last few months. Last Man on Earth and Empire are two new dramas to grace the midseason period. All the TV channels have announced their line-ups for fall, and the shows that are being cancelled and renewed. Some of the announcements for Fox have been expected, it was just a case of revealing where the shows would appear in the fall TV line-up.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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