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A newly formed group of people and organizations from around the world has banned together to fight for fair scientific testing and reporting of GMOs. The Global GMO Free Coalition is a partnership of over 4.5 million people, including 60 GMO free organizations. Their goal is to provide independent information that is not skewed by Monsanto or other Biotech companies.

As the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food is formed to bring together Biotech industries like the Grocery Manufacturers Association, the Biotechnology Industry Organization, the National Corn Growers Association, the American Soybean Association and the U.S. Beet Sugar Association, there is another group that has formed to fight the use of GMOs and pesticides in the farming industry. The Global GMO Free Coalition aims to cut through the propaganda from these companies.

Coordinator of the GMO fee group, Henry Rowlands, said the big issue with GMOs is the pesticides used before being independently tested. These pesticides are believed to be harmful to both people and the environment. Yet there are currently no independent studies on the effects of GMOs on human health.

In a 2013 press release, the European Network of Scientists said they wanted to end the double standards in GMO safety studies. They called into question the Seralini et al. study that was published in Environmental Sciences Europe. The study found negative health consequences from Monsanto’s herbicides fed to rats. After 90 days, it was evident that rats fed the GMOs had liver damage, likely caused by chronic toxicity. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA,) however, used a double standard to evaluate the study. Though they approved a previous study by Monsanto that showed their products in GMO foods were deemed safe, they dismissed the Seralini study on the basis that it was “inadequate.”

It is actions such as this that create a need for the Global GMO Free Coalition. The Biotech companies have control over the industry, and that goes beyond putting harmful substances in the food supply without having to label them. It extends to organizations that are supposed to provide an unbiased opinion for the public good. Such organizations are not always independent sources of information. When teaming up with Monsanto and other Biotech companies, they become a part of the growing problem. That is why independent research is needed to provide straight answers about what is being put in food and how safe it really is.

Associate Director of the Organic Consumer’s Association, Katherine Pail, said “All the current research points to the need to return to a system built around diverse food crops, adapted for local growing conditions, and grown without the use of chemical inputs.”

Other partners of the Global GMO Free Coalition include: Safe Food Foundation, GMO Free USA, Gene Ethics, Via Organica, Friends of the Bees and Moms Across America. By banning together, they hope to have a bigger voice and more power against the Biotech industry. The group announced their launch to fight for responsible food and believe that their partnership can help them go up against the powerful companies that currently control the food industry.

By Tracy Rose


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  1. Janet Forest   May 23, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    I’ve just read that Obama has given top jobs to people who have all got connections with Monsanto, so this goes all the way to the top and is connected to Agenda 21, which is run by the likes of the Bildebergs etc. who are linked to our queen and prince Philip, who have been found guilty of all sorts of atrocities by the courts in Brussels. This is going to take quite a while, so a big THANK YOU to you all.


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