Gullible American Women Really Think They Are Dating Prince Harry

Prince Harry

A new reality show, I Wanna Marry Price Harry, tricks gullible American women into thinking they are going to date the real Price Harry.  However, these dozen women are actually competing to date a Prince Harry lookalike, Matthew Hicks.

The new reality, which aired last night, features a dozen American women being flown over to a fancy estate in England to compete against each other to date Price Harry. Fox filmed the reality show in secret so the media attention would not spoil the unpleasant surprise for the contestants. The women actually have no idea that this is not the real Prince Harry. Either they cannot tell the two men apart, or they are very naive in thinking that the prince would be allowed to do a reality show.

Hicks is a friendly, funny English guy who cleans up oil spills for a living, when he is not posing as Prince Harry. In his spare time, he is a hockey player and a cricket player. Hicks admits that no one in the UK ever mistake him for the price, since they have a better idea of what the real Harry actually looks like. To look the part, the show made Hicks dye his hair red because he is a natural blonde.

Hicks says that he didn’t realize that he resembled the price so much until he went to Asia and people were trying to take his picture. Hicks then decided to try and make some money off his appearance. Hick’s family thinks the idea of the show is hilarious, although his father does not really understand the concept of the show. Hicks insists that the show will not be sleazy, just deceptive and full of drama.

To prepare for the show, Hicks was put through a week of training. The fake prince had to learn all the skills that the real Prince Harry has. Hicks learned to ride a horse and play polo. The faux Harry also had to learn the real Harry’s schooling, military history, past scandals, and of course, ex-girlfriends.

Hicks training really pays off, because even after meeting Hicks, the gullible American women still think that they are actually meeting and possibly dating the real Price Harry. One of the contestants calls the faux prince the ultimate prince charming. Another contestant talks about her desire to find a wealthy husband. However, when questioned about what Price Harry is like, or what he does for a living, no one seems to have any idea.

So the question remains, does Hicks feel guilty about lying to these gullible American women and making them believe that they are actually dating the real Prince Harry? Hick says that as the show went on, he did feel guilty, because he started to really like the girls. Hicks admits it was awkward when the girls would open up to him, but he could not open up to them. However, the fake prince insists that the show is all good fun and a very short process, so he hopes no one is seriously scarred from the experience. Obviously, Hicks must not have much experience with women, or he has clearly never watched The Bachelor.

By Sara Petersen

The Telegraph
The Washington Post

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