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With X-Men: Days of Future Past coming out this week, many fans and new comers of the series will be watching the exciting action packed comic book film. The new film will be a treat for loyal fans as it brings most of the original cast, and members of the new cast from X-Men First Class. The world of X-Men is filled with symbolic representations that most people never notice and the films themselves have behind the scene actions most never knew about. Below are 5 fast facts of X-Men.

Actors who were almost Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman is Wolverine, the actor simply owns the role, no doubt about it. He is the only actor to have played the same role continuously, and not just in comic book films. But before Hugh Jackman got the part, there were a few casting choices that were almost made. One choice that would have been interesting was Mel Gibson, he was in talks to play the character but Fox declined as Gibson was too expensive to hire. The most unusual of casting choices was the late and great Bob Hoskins. Before Singer got a hold of the film, Hoskins was wanted for the role in a film that would have been produced by James Cameron. Russell Crowe was also approached to play the comic book character, but declined, and it was Crowe who actually recommended Jackman for the role. The rest is cinematic history.

X-Men Days of Future Past will fix the past films mistakes.

The upcoming X-Men film will deal with time travel, which is how both the future and past casts are in the same film. Wolverine will be the constant between both time-lines, and according to director Brian Singer, he will use time-travel to fix some of the mistakes the past films made. Especially X-Men The Last Stand where almost every major character was killed off, the film was not directed by Singer. The new film will also try to fix continuity issues among the films in the franchise. Fans will know just what is fixed this week when the new film hits theaters.

All four actors who have played Magneto and Professor Xavier have played Macbeth.

Is this fact of the 5 fast facts about X-Men coincidence or fate? Most likely a fun coincidence that all four actors in the X-Men films have played the role of Macbeth in different interpretations of the Shakespearean classic. James McAvoy  played him in a 2005 version that is set in a modern day restaurant. Sir Patrick Stewart played the role in another modern retelling of the story set in a underground netherworld. Sir Ian McKellen played Macbeth in a more accurate telling of the original source material. The latest to play the character is Michael Fassbender in what will be a feature film telling of the Shakespearian drama that will be released in 2015.

Two more X-Men films already planned.

Brian singer has already stated that there will be a follow up to X-Men Days of Future Past and that it will be called, X-Men Apocalypse. As the name suggest the film will involve the notorious X-Men villain Apocalypse, and will be set in the past with the younger cast. The other film that is in development will be a third stand-alone Wolverine film, and according the Jackman this will be his last time playing the iconic comic book character.

X-Men is really about the LGBT community.

The X-Men are mutants living in a world that does not understand them, that does not accept them for the way they were born, and the way that they look. Those who look normal usually keep being a mutant a secret, or “stay in the closet” as regular humans. What the X-Men really represent is the LGBT community, and just how mutants are shunned, so are people in the LGBT community. In the films and comics the Government is always against the rights of mutants and their civil liberties. Reminiscent of how the Government has laws banning gay marriage and other same-sex civil rights. The best example of this is seen in the film X2 where the character of Ice-Man “comes out” to his parents about being a mutant after years of being afraid to do so. The parents react ashamed and even ask him if he could just stop being a mutant? A question many LGBT people have been asked in their lives when coming out, if they could just stop being gay or bi-sexual, etc. This is the most interesting of the 5 fast facts of X-Men, one that could change the way the films are perceived completely.

Opinion by: Miguel A. Tamayo






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