Pat Sajak Twitter Rants Target Michelle Obama

Pat Sajak
Pat Sajak’s twitter rants target Michelle Obama as well as a whole myriad of  controversial political topics including climate change. That particular issue has caught his ire the most as his latest rant regarding global climate issues stirred an uproar when he included references to patriotism and racism.

How the famed host of “Wheel of Fortune” makes the connection between climate change and race is up to interpretation as he still has not explained the tweet Monday night that referred to “global warming alarmists” as “unpatriotic racists” who intentionally mislead others. Sajak’s only response to the uproar that soon followed was that he enjoyed poking the liberal base.

Sajak also joined other conservative pundits with a tweet mocking First Lady Michelle Obama for being photographed with a sign that read #Bring Back Our Girls. The First Lady was referencing the situation in Chibok, Nigeria where more than 300 girls were kidnapped from their school by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram. Sajak’s take on Mrs. Obama’s activism included references to Eleanor Roosevelt, Adolph Hitler, and World War II as the failed late night talk show host continues to mock left wingers.

Sajak is well-known for his conservative beliefs and for donating thousands of dollars to the Republican party and conservative candidates. Most of his rants target climate change and his tweet Monday was not his first foray into the twitter world. However, few of his tweets have been as politically charged as the most recent one. He originally voiced skepticism about the issue in a piece he wrote for Human Events, a conservative website back in 2007. Sajak has also served on the board of directors for the Claremont Institute, a conservative think tank located in Clarmemont, CA and is also a regular contributor to the conservative blog Sajak’s investment in the issue and in teasing liberals is a running theme on his twitter account as he gone to great lengths to mock those who disagree with his stance. Other targets of Sajak’s twitter feed include President Barack Obama, Vice President Al Gore, Jill Abramson, gay rights, and the New York Times. However, the inclusion of race in his latest tweet has taken his commentary to a new level as he has been lambasted by pundits on the left, dismissing him as uninformed and ignorant.

Thus far, there has been no comment from Sony Pictures Television, the production company that owns Wheel of Fortune, and judging from Sajak’s previous political commentary, it would appear there will not be one this time either. Sajak has served as the host of the show since 1983 and has remained the host ever since except for a 15-month departure to be a late-night talk show host for CBS in January of 1989.

Pat Sajak’s twitter rant has now targeted Michelle Obama and President Obama among others, but nothing he has tweeted has caught the attention of the public like his most recent rant. Injecting racism into a debate about weather issues will do that. Perhaps Sajak knew this all along.

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  1. rich feinberg   May 23, 2014 at 10:46 am

    Who knew bland little Pat Sajak was so angry?


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