HGTV: Benham Brothers Accused of Hating Homosexuals

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HGTVHome and Garden TV (HGTV) does not sound so home-y and garden-y after accusing the Benham Brothers, David and Jason, of hating homosexuals. Even if they did not say that directly, many feel that HGTV showed it in their actions when they cancelled the upcoming new reality series Flip It Forward, which was scheduled to premiere in October. It appears that HGTV buckled after an onslaught of outcries from viewers who spoke out  in support of gay marriage, Islam, and abortion. The Right Wing Watch published commentary about the brothers, boldly stating that they are anti-gay, anti-choice extremists.

The Benham brothers were slated to be the perfect hosts for the new series. They have been “flipping” houses for profit for over a decade. In each episode of the show, they would have been helping families get into homes that they could otherwise not afford. David and Jason were to help a family for each show to find a fixer-upper and then transform it into the couple’s dream home. On the Benhams’ website, they also said they could guide those who were new to flipping so they could do the fix and flip as well.

HGTV admitted to reviewing an assortment of information about the Benhams. When HGTV was approached by WBTV, HGTV indicated that they would not be moving forward with the Benham Brothers’ series. They also refused to give a reason why, and declined to make any other comments.  The Right Wing Watch is targeting David Benham as a “right-wing activist” because of his beliefs.

The belief’s of David and Jason are as follows, which they shared with TMZ:

  • Begin and end each day asking if they have allowed Christ’s light to shine through them for the day, as their faith is fundamental to who they are and what they do.
  • Christians are called to love others. They have made it clear that if anyone is accusing them of hating homosexuals or those of another faith, then those individuals are either misinformed or lying.
  • Their guiding principle has been to breathe life into the families that they have encountered in their journey over the past decade.
  • They do not discriminate against those who do not share their same views.
  • They believe in being faithful to their families, in being committed to obedience to the word of God, and they are dedicated to the work that they do professionally.

In preparation for the upcoming shows, the Benham Brothers have been in Charlotte, N.C., remodeling homes for six families. With or without the show and the TV cameras the brothers will follow through and  keep their commitment to the families, completing each of those projects.

The brothers were admittedly saddened by the show’s cancellation, but indicated that they would stand on their faith and not compromise. is a website that reports on entertainment and positive news. They saw this attack against the twin brothers as a “smear campaign.”  HGTV is accusing the Benham Brothers of  hating homosexuals, which confirms the network’s stance toward the Christian community.

It is reported that in 2012 David Benham led a prayer rally outside the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. David, who is known for standing strong for his convictions, spoke to Janet Mefferd, a Salem Radio host, and said that the nation was being attacked by the homosexual agenda. He also commented that in this country we have no-fault divorce, porn, perversion, and adultery, while the church is more interested in building big churches and remaining silent.

The marketing representative for David and Jason stated that he would remain hopeful that HGTV would reconsider. Faith Driven Consumer is an organization who began a campaign  for the Duck Dynasty folks. They have now launched a petition to get the Benhams’ reinstated on HGTV. The real estate expertise that David and Jason offer this reality series would be of great benefit to all. HGTV accused the Benham Brothers of hating homosexuals, and they proved that through their actions incancelling the show.

By: Jill Boyer-Adriance

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