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Some people call it holistic health and natural ways. In some of the olden days, back when King Author was still alive, it was often called witchcraft. It was a way of life to the Native American. The other phrase, the other name it is given, is alternative medicine. Another name that this practice is commonly known as is natural remedies, however, even though the names and opinions may vary it is all the same thing. The medical system, when it comes to many things, is based off herbs and plants. Throughout the world, holistic health was the first type of medicine; herbs ground up, mixed together, and then formed into a pill or liquid for ingestion to treat whatever illness ailed the body. A good example of this would be the medical drug known as Belladonna. It has many known uses, one of them being to help dilate the pupils of the eye. Belladonna is also known to be a sleep agent but goes under another name; Nightshade, a perennial herbaceous plant. Nightshade is actually the original name of the deep purple flower that has five petals, a yellow center and is said to resemble a star. Nightshade, with its many medical uses however, is a poisonous plant by nature.

Before there were hospitals and the doctors of today, pharmacies and prescription meds, there were the nature ways of holistic health. People would go to a wise man in the village known as a Shaman, who knew the ways of the spiritual, knew the natural rhythm and vibrations of the body and was also called a witch doctor. This was often mistaken as the use of witchcraft. Shamans were responsible for taking care of the illnesses that took over the body, made herbal remedies to combat the viruses that threatened the inner systems, and were the ones that reset the balance to the energy of the body. The knowledge of the Shaman was then passed down to the next Shaman. Others held knowledge of herbs, remedies and such, but the Shaman was the one of a higher conscious of being and therefore was more in tune with that of nature.

Holistic health has been known to come a long way from the days of Shamans in the ways of assisting those with health issues. Today there is more knowledge of natural healing methods readily available such as acupuncture, shiatsu massage, and Reiki; Reiki is recognized as a healing method and means “Universal Life Energy,” tapping into the chakras of the body to cleanse the energy of any impurities. Other categories that are said to surround holistic health and natural ways are meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, and other types of martial arts. Through martial arts comes strengthening of the body, flexibility, cleansing of the chakras and energy flow, and a few other aspects. To prove this fact, there have been monks that have lived ages that exceed 100 and are still able to perform the styles they studied in their youth. It is through the nature flow of Chi or Qi that has allowed them to reach such an age of life.

Ordinary people it seems are having their eyes opened to the benefits of holistic health and the natural ways. In all parts of the world, it has been seen that average citizens are partaking in home remedies and herbal solutions instead of instantly turning to a bottle of pills to soothe away their aches and pain. More people are starting to return to the natural ways medicine, returning to a method of healing that has seemingly been around for many centuries. When placed against western medicine it has been shown that one or the other is not for everyone. There have been studies to show which the better of the two with varied results is, each test being ran more than once. So perhaps, it is not up to science to decide which the better treatment for illnesses is, but rather it is up to the individual. For there are those whose minds are stirred towards the medicine of today. Then, there are also those who decide to use holistic health and natural ways.

Opinion by Isis E. Stevens

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  1. Nicole Kergy   June 17, 2014 at 12:46 am

    Holistic health plays a very important role in our life, the ones that can’t cure through medicine. I learned more interesting details about your article. Thanks for posting.

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