High School Impersonator Apprehended

high schoolCharity Anne Johnson went to extremes in trying to re-live her glory days as a 15 year old high school sophomore student. She had been living with guardian Tamica Lincoln, who apparently had no idea that the female who had been staying with her was in reality a 34 year old grown woman. She claimed to be thunderstruck when she learned the news on Tuesday, the day the woman known as Charity Stevens was apprehended for impersonating a high school student.

The woman had enrolled in New Life Christian School in Longview, Texas, in October, 2013, as 15 year old Charity Stevens, with a guardian to sign the registration papers. There is no news yet of whom that first guardian may have been. She had been paying a nominal fee of $25 a month to the small private school that usually charges $150 per month. The school has around 30 students and staff that range in grade kindergarten right up to grade 12.

Everyone at the establishment she attended was certain she was who she claimed to be, a 15 year old teenaged girl. They claim that the 34 year old impersonator acted and looked like a high school student and a multitude of students and teachers cried when they were told the news of Charity Stevens being apprehended as Charity Anne Johnson. It is rumored that she had many friends in the school and that she received good grades, such as A and B averages.

In March of this year, the woman known as Charity Stevens was taken in by Tamica Lincoln. She related a horrific tale of abuse by both parents, whom were both now deceased, and she now needed a place to live. She also claimed to have a sister that had just been evicted from her apartment and that was why she had nowhere else to go. Tamica Lincoln recalls how she took the impersonator in thinking that she was a child in distress, giving her clothes, a place to stay, and performing parental acts such as school meetings and signing learning related materials.

However, things came to head on Monday when Paul Ward, mentor to Charity Stevens at the high school New Life Christian School, and Tamica Lincoln both became suspicious of the story the impersonator was telling and called the authorities to have her apprehended. The school says that a note went home on Thursday explaining to parents the circumstances of the situation.

Paul Ward states that there were things in Charity Anne Johnsons story that just were not adding up, while Tamica Lincoln claims to have been contacted by a representative of a charity for needy kids that the impersonator, who was recently apprehended for imitating a high school student, had apparently applied to join. The caller claimed to have run a background check on the infamous Charity Stevens and had hit a snag.

This prompted Tamica Lincoln to begin to dig deeper into the past of Charity Stevens. She contacted the manager of the McDonalds where both she and Charity worked and asked him to look into the suspects file. Sure enough, the name and date of birth was not that of Charity Stevens at all, but that of Charity Anne Johnson. Tamica Lincoln then claims to have asked the impersonator to leave her premises and had called the police to come and apprehend the supposed high school student.

No one really seems to know why the impersonator chose to re-enact her high school days, considering there was no legal reason for the apprehended suspect to need to change identities. The school she had attended assures the public that there was no rise in crime at their establishment or anything else to indicate that it had something to do with illegal activities at all. Principal Stuart Newlin of New Life Christian School stated that in all his 29 years of being a principal and teacher, he has never encountered anything even remotely like this and that most educators will probably never experience it in their lifetimes.

By Korrey Laderoute

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