Human Foot Washed Ashore Inside Sneaker


A human foot washed ashore inside a sneaker in Seattle Centennial Park on Tuesday of this week. This only adds to the entire mystery which has unfolded surrounding human feet washing up on local beaches over the past six years, beginning in 2007. Whether the foot recently found is tied to the other cases of severed feet washing ashore is unknown at this time. The mysterious feet have been found near Metro Vancouver, Washington State and Vancouver Island between 2007 and 2013.

Officials say they cannot guarantee whether the human foot is connected to the other mysterious feet that have appeared in the past, but they are not saying it is not connected. They later said that the chances are not high that the foot is connected to the other cases. The coroner’s office stated that the foot tended to float to the surface of the water because of the sneaker attached to it. They said this usually happens with all the feet they have found over the past years. Each foot which has appeared above water was taken into evidence and identified.

The police are working on identifying the latest mysterious foot that has washed ashore at the port. Witnesses say that the port is not a common place for mysterious limbs to appear. Experts are very interested in finding out whether the foot is connected to the Salish Sea foot mysteries. According to the Seattle News, the most recent discovery is the fourth of its kind to appear in Washington State, and is the 15th dismembered foot which has washed up from the Salish Sea.

The Salish Sea foot discoveries have been occurring since August 20, 2007. Some of the feet have been identified, while others remain unknown. The feet accordingly belong to five men, one woman, and three people of unknown sex. The dates on which the feet have appeared are all varied, with most appearing in the year 2008 and 2011, however some were discovered in 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2012. Most of the missing feet were found in British Columbia, except recently when the human foot washed ashore into Pier 86 in Washington.

There is a certain amount of rarity which encompasses these findings. According to an expert on the subject, it is rare that only missing feet are being found floating above surface. Some question why hands, other limbs or heads have not appeared. They question whether human involvement may be the case. Some suspect a prankster may be responsible. It is rare that only feet are being found; many call it unusual or even an anomaly that only feet are surfacing over the water. There has been much speculation about these cases and no explanation has been given at this point. One of the feet identified was matched to a missing body. It was then identified as a suicide jumper. This has been one of the explanations for a pair of feet which have matched up to each other on a woman’s body. There were two other pairs of feet identified as belonging to a man who died of natural causes. There will be more news about the human foot washed ashore inside its sneaker in the upcoming weeks.

By Anah Ayala

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