Antivirus Is Dead!


Antivirus is dead; created in the late 1980’s, the software that everyone needed at one point in time seems to be disappearing right in front of consumers computer screens. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Symantec’s senior vice president for information security, Brian Dye, said antivirus is dead. He said his company does not feel that there are any profits left in the antivirus.

Symantec’s is reinventing how it protects computers; antivirus products were invented for the sole purpose of preventing hackers from attacking customer’s computer. Nowadays though, hackers have become smarter than the software. Many companies, not just Symantec, are developing new technologies with the assumption that hackers will penetrate the system, so the new tech is aiming to not only spot them but also to minimize damage.

Symantec is planning to sell both recovery services and threat briefings to corporate customers. The company is also working on technology that seeks out malware trying to imitate other apps. This week, Symantec will be joining up with other software companies to create its own crew to help affected businesses.

Within the next half of this year, Symantec will be selling information on precise threats affecting computers. This information will give clients a learning tool to know why they are being hacked as well as when. Symantec will also be working to develop new technology that will search out advance versions of malicious threats inside computer systems that mimics rival company software.

With a drop in revenue in the last two quarters, the company is in desperate need of a turnaround. Symantec let go of two CEO’s within two years period, one this past March. Moreover, on Thursday, they had forecast an at least a five percent drop in revenue. Their last quarter numbers, which ended in March, reported money ranging $1.62 billion to $1.66 billion.

Symantec was the pioneers in terms of antivirus software for computer security, since the late 80’s, but now it seems as if their run is over, antivirus seems to be dead. The technology checks malicious coding that hacker’s use. Unfortunately, Dye estimated that just 45 percent of cyber attacks are caught by antivirus, which places Symantec in a bind of sorts, leaving them knowing that a turnaround is needed. The company still can sell traditional antivirus as a first line of defense, but a supplement is definitely needed to ensure continued proper use of the system.

Symantec has already begun making changes and their antivirus software has already began looking for suspicious activity that may have come in earlier unseen viruses. Also including among other things are spam blockers, management for passwords, and tools that scans users’ Facebook feed to guard against dangerous links.

It remains to be seen if the antivirus software is, in fact, truly dead, Symantec may say yes, but continue to  work diligently on helping to make the customers computer experience not only safe, but also enjoyable. With the coming years, hackers will continue to elevate to new heights in the hacking industry and antivirus software may not have the ability to keep up with the growing need. Nevertheless, Symantec, as well as others within the field, will continue pushing forward in the hopes of better dealing with the issues that continues to plague a large number of personal computers.

By Virginia Snowden


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