South Africa ANC Claims Victory in the 2014 Election

South Africa

The African National Party (ANC) has claimed victory in the South Africa 2014 election. Voters cast their ballots on Wednesday May 7, and the counting is almost complete. The results have given the ANC party a resounding majority in the fifth democratic election of the country. The official results are expected to be announced on Saturday, May 10.

During the election campaign, President Jacob Zuma confidently told members he had, no doubt the ANC will once again achieve a two-thirds majority win in the national election. Zuma did not flinch at the Nkandla scandal being an issue with the voters, and he remained confident of a landslide victory.

The results, although not official, produce the overwhelming support from the people of South Africa for the ANC party. The loyalty toward the ANC party is not a vote for the current leaders. The ANC does not have a two-thirds majority and the official results will probably not give them the edge they desperately need in order to amend the constitution.

The 2014 election shows a slight decrease in the ANC dominance as voter confidence slowly wanes. The ANC supporters ignore leadership scandals, poverty and economic downturn when casting a vote for democracy. The 102-year-old party continues to enjoy the support of post apartheid supporters, although the born-frees have indicated a new commitment to democracy and seek alternative actions for their choice of government.

President Jacob Zuma cast his vote in his home village of Nkandla and predicted the results would be very good, although he did mention the campaign was challenging. Over the past years, Zuma has been criticized for a number of scandals relating to rape, excessive corruption and abuse of public money on upgrades for his private residence.

The media coverage of the corruption charges and abuse of funds by Zuma did not affect the voters on Wednesday; their loyalty to the ANC party was a top priority. Although the people complained before the election, they came out in droves to support the ANC. Endless grumbles, annoyance at the lack of service deliveries, crime, and inequality was another story and not one associated with an election. The unwavering support gives the ANC a mandate to continue its journey of destruction, and once again, the government will ride the wave of corruption.

A major priority for the ANC will continue to promote black business in South Africa. The ANC government has implemented a series of laws ensuring the social injustices in terms of economic ownership patterns change. Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba said the election victory will be a strong mandate to implement programs of radical change for the unfairness. Gigaba did acknowledge the ANC policy to force existing white owned business to maintain a percentage of black shareholders had created a problem.

The ANC has also secured a victory over eight of the nine provinces in the local election. The Western Cape, governed by the Democratic Alliance (DA) party has retained their support showing another victory.

The only other parties showing a fair amount of support is the official opposition party, the DA, who have increased their overall strength in this election. The DA have so far, won the Johannesburg Municipality in the local elections, a victory to celebrate indeed.

The new Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) lead by Julius Malema has jubilantly claimed over one million votes. The EFF will take a few seats in parliament and this would certainly cause a flurry of interest.

During the elections, there have been isolated incidents of violence and several complaints reported to the Independent Election Commission (IEC) about possible irregularities. The IEC chairperson Pansy Tlakula will investigate.

The ANC has claimed victory in the 2014 South Africa elections and it is guaranteed to be confirmed with the official announcement over the weekend. South Africa has been governed by the ANC for the past 20 years and certainly will continue through another five years under the savvy leadership of Zuma.

By Laura Oneale


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One Response to "South Africa ANC Claims Victory in the 2014 Election"

  1. Nat Turner   May 9, 2014 at 10:31 am

    This marks a great day for the people of Azania – S.A. and
    the people of this country in that victory has been gained at the ballot box, and
    not at the hot fingers of those who dominate the media and the internet.
    The ANC will learn from the criticisms and
    have half a decade to shore up any areas which are weak.
    Despite making some gains, it is the DA that needs to be aware of the EFF who have made phenomenal strides in a mere 9 months of it’s existence, and
    although the ANC’s support has dwindled a little,
    it will be regained as the new session gets into gear.
    We should all wish them well on the long road ahead.


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