iPhone Scheduled to Make an Early Arrival


Apple has made the announcement that their newest iPhone is scheduled to hit the market sooner than expected. Tech insiders are saying the iPhone 6 will make an early arrival sometime in August and not September as previously announced. Reports out of Taiwan are stating that the new smart phone debuting in August will feature a 4.7 inch screen and a 5.6 inch wide-screen model is planned to be launched the following month.

This latest information was picked up by news sources around the globe citing supply chain insiders out of Taiwan who also confirm that approximately 80 million of the new iPhones will be produced. So far however, it has not been announced which market will be the first to get the new gadget.

Word of this early arrival by iPhone insiders is a typical move for those who are familiar with how an Apple product launch likes to keep their customers anticipating the latest and the greatest tech toy. Some are saying that it would make no surprise for Apple to maneuver a push of the launch date even sooner than the currently scheduled release to possibly even June. Many who are anticipating the arrival of the iPhone 6 are hoping the new model will have increased battery life. Current iPhone users gripe that the current iPhone 5 does not sustain battery life beyond four or five hours at the most. Other complaints from consumers is in the inflated prices for replacement phone chargers that somehow disintegrate or stop to work properly over time. Others with past experience with iPhones mention that Apple is very strict on allowing unauthorized apps which has also driven consumers away.

The iPhone has been facing competition from rival smart phone maker Samsung. Apple is hoping that their bigger screen will appeal to phone users who have hung up their iPhones and picked up the Samsung model which features a bigger screen that has a big desire of smart phone users. Apple is accomplishing the larger screen without having to make the handset bigger by utilizing all of the surface space of the phone. Apple is expected to stretch the screen to the outermost edges of the handset from the left side to the right. Other features rumored about the new iPhone include the 401 pixel per inch screen display and an upgraded camera lens for better quality picture-taking and a far thinner handset than previously introduced.

Since dialing into the marketplace in 2007, the iPhone has been known to sideline other cellphone brands like the blackberry which as had to rethink its technology to compete with a phone that relies on touch sensitivity and not push buttons. Blackberry had to make several modifications to its handset but disconnected with the public as iPhone and similar touch model phones captured and maintained a foothold in the market. In the first quarter of 2014, iPhone has sold approximately 51 million units globally and with the scheduled early arrival of the new phone, analysts are expecting the brand to sell much more. An expectation, Apple insiders are confident to meet.

By Hal Banfield


Daily Mail UK

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  1. Michael Hamson   May 11, 2014 at 9:28 pm

    I am not sure where you are getting your story… but I have yet to find anywhere that claims “Apple” made such an announcement. This is a creation of your own imagination!!!

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