Jack White’s ‘Lazaretto’ Will Blow Your Mind Without Hearing a Note

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Jack White’s second solo album, Lazaretto will blow your mind without even hearing a note. Notorious for his vinyl releases for a number of musicians, Jack White’s new Ultra LP for Lazaretto may be the most unique LP in existence.

White’s Ultra LP makes history for its mind-blowing and innovative features including; two floating angel holograms, and the record is played by starting at the point most would consider the end of the album. The album ends in the beginning, so to speak. Special grooves make the album play in a continuous loop. The label also includes a track which is played on top of the paper. White coined the term “under label grooves” for this playing feature. Another first for vinyl is the three speed feature the album offers. The under label grooves are played on different speeds on each side, 78 and 45 RPM. The vinyl is played on speed 33 and a third RPM. The record also features two side-by-side grooves that play an acoustic and electric version of the song Just One Drink. Lazaretto also comes with one side of the LP shiny and the other side with a matte finish. All the features are truly a vinylphile’s dream come true. For the ordinary listener, the album can be listened like any other LP.

Jack White is known for his love of vinyl records, and has pressed limited edition albums at his studio Third Man Records, for a variety of artists such as; Neil Young, Wanda Jackson, Tom Jones and more. White has been a huge contributor with bringing vinyl back into fashion and subsequently making the record player popular again. Vinyl sales are a small part of sales in music, but have been steadily rising over the last two years. White has expressed his love for vinyl in a variety of interviews saying it’s a vital part in owning an album and truly experience the music authentically.

Jack White released his first single off his sophomore solo album Lazaretto on vinyl, but with yet another mind-blowing catch of course. White managed to record an in-studio live version of his first single of the title track that was pressed, packaged and released in three hours time. It was yet another record breaking moment for the creative genius as the fastest recording and pressing of an album, with a 7-inch featuring a live recording.

If minds are not blown without hearing a note by all the innovative and ‘firsts’ found on Jack White’s sophomore album Lazaretto, then maybe the music will push opinions over the edge. The reviews are in for the title track and the critics claim the sound is typical White, but the song is overshadowed by the ‘fastest pressed album’ title it has received. Jack White has a series of performances lined up in the coming months, including; Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, and Forecastle Festival. White will also be reuniting with his other band the Dead Weather with Alison Mosshart from The Kills. The band is planning a new album set to be released in 2015 with two songs to be released in 2014 through White’s production company, Third Man Records.

By Christina Thompson

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