Jaden Smith Gets Kylie Jenner Tag Along Invite to Kardashian Do

Jaden Smith Gets Kylie Jenner Tag Along Invite to Kardashian Do

They may or may not be dating, but being a close friend of Kylie Jenner has gotten Jaden Smith a “tag along” invite to the Kardashian do this weekend, apparently. It has been rumored for quite some time that 15 year-old Jaden Smith and the younger Jenner sister have been romantically involved.

The 16 year-old half-sister of Kim Kardashian has always denied that she and Jaden are an item. Kylie has always stated that she and Will Smith’s son are just really good friends. Regardless of just what their romantic interaction may be, the two were spotted on May 23 sharing a tub of Haagen-daz ice cream.

There has been some question as to whether or not the two had been at Kim’s big party at the Palace of Versailles. Clearly they were not wearing their “Sunday best” when spotted. Jaden was wearing “harem” pants and Kylie was sporting motorcycle boots and a leather jacket. (This last description by media sources make it sound like she had nothing else on, which surely would not be permitted at the George V hotel where they were seen.)

Regardless of just what Kylie was, or was not, wearing with that leather jacket, it seems that Jaden Smith may just have been attending the Kardashian “do” of 2014 after getting a tag along invite as the “plus one” with his gal pal Jenner.

After the couple were seen sharing ice cream, giggles and security guards at the George V hotel, he was seen later disembarking at Florence Italy on May 24. The After Earth star was kitted out in a Black hoodie and some Dre headphones. Smith got into a car at the airport solo.

This appearance does not mean that Jaden got an invite to the wedding itself however. Kim and Kanye have been very stingy about handing out invitations to their nuptials. Even Brody Jenner, Kim’s half-brother, was shorted on the list of attendees. Brody has been dating Kaitlynn Carter for seven whole months and he did not get a plus one invite. In a huff, Jenner decided to give the Kimye ceremony a miss.

This apparent snub seems to put Carter in the same category as Canadian bad boy singer Justin Bieber, who also did not get an invite to the ceremony or, seemingly, the party on May 23. While it makes a certain amount of sense in snubbing Bieber, just why Kaitlynn was left out is a mystery. Unless, of course, neither Kim nor Kanye felt that Brody, who has a name as a “player, would still be with Carter long enough to qualify for an invite.

Jaden Smith getting a tag along invite via Kylie Jenner to the Kardashian do makes sense. Kylie has always said that Smith is her best mate ever. Even going so far as to tell Seventeen magazine in December 2013 that Jaden would be her ideal prom date if she did not have a boyfriend. The two even posed, in a show of support to Smith’s little sister Willow, with Jaden sitting shirtless with Kylie. What a pair.

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