Jennifer Aniston Drive-Through Closet and Losing those Blonde Locks

Jennifer Aniston Drive-Through Closet and Losing those Blonde Locks
Jennifer Aniston is in the news a lot these days and her latest headline includes a new drive-through closet, for her apparently extensive wardrobe and the star losing those blond locks. While most media publications are focussing on the 45 year-old’s new hairstyle and color, it seems that a personal overhaul is not the only thing going on in the Horrible Bosses 2 star’s life.

According to a British online celebrity news site Aniston has so many clothes that the Friends star is turning her Bel Air Mansion garage into a combination powder room and closet. The new “drive-in” closet measures 24 feet by 36 feet and reportedly will cost a massive $60,000 to convert.

This new skylighted room is not the only thing being changed in the home that Jennifer shares with her fiance’ Justin Theroux. Their Los Angeles mansion has had the master bedroom enlarged and they have put in a balcony, a staircase and some water features.

The luxurious digs already have a library, gym, swimming pool, private vineyard and a “butlers” kitchen. Jennifer Aniston will soon have her own drive-through closet with its own powder room where she can concentrate on her new brunette locks after losing that blonde look. Just why the British have opted to point out the We’re the Millers star’s house extensions probably has more to do with the lack of space in most English houses than any real interest.

With that country’s lawmakers charging extra tax for too many bedrooms, a throwback to the days when the average Brit house was also taxed for having too many rooms, like closets, it is understandable that the U.K. find the idea of Jen’s new house additions newsworthy. Right now, however, in the U.S. folks are lining up to talk about Aniston chopping off her “popular” blonde hair and going back to her brunette roots, so to speak.

The actress told ABC that she found it funny how the public have always assumed that she has great hair. Jennifer revealed that she finds it amusing because she had a hard time with her tresses when she was younger. Another thing that Aniston told the Good Morning America folks was how hard her Raquel hair was to maintain during the shooting of Friends and her personal hair care regime.

Jennifer explained that she only washes her hair every three days, or every other day, and that she has a hard time straightening those strands. She explained that the main motivation behind having her hair chopped off was the amount of time it took to maintain. According to her, hair straighteners and hair dryers were not her friends. Pretty amazing news from the lady who has her own hair care product line, and store Living Proof, but then it also makes sense that her difficulties would make her “an expert” on hair issues.

Aniston has also just had a video posted on YouTube where she participates in a true/false hair test with one of her Living Proof scientists. Jennifer appears to be channeling her “inner Raquel” in the clip, but it is amusing and informative. The Friends star is quite busy it seems. Getting a drive-through closet in her Bel Air home, losing those blond locks, appearing on Good Morning America, and taking part in a YouTube video. This may be the other reason she decided to shorten her hair, obviously Jen did not have enough time to keep her long Raquel hair looking perfect.

By Michael Smith