Jessica Simpson Back in Daisy Duke Shape

Jessica Simpson

Almost 10 years have passed since Jessica Simpson stunned audiences by wearing daisy dukes for her role in The Dukes of Hazard, and now the actress doing it again by posting a picture of her amazing new shape. Simpson posted a picture on Instagram of herself wearing a once piece swimsuit, with side cut outs, and she looks amazing.

Simpson has shed the 70 pounds that she gained with her last pregnancy. The 33 year-old actress now has two children with her fiancé, Eric Johnson, who is a former NFL star. Simpson is a weight loss rep for Weight Watchers and says she followed a low-carb diet, while eating foods that are high in protein, such chicken and salmon. Simpson also eats lots of healthy salads and vegetables.

Jessica Simpson Simpson proudly posted a picture of her new body on Instagram, showing off her amazing transformation with fans. Not only did Jessica Simpson follow a strict diet to get back in daisy duke shape, but the actress also completed rigorous daily workouts. Four days a week, Simpson is in the gym with her trainer and spends about 45 minutes working out. Simpson admits that she walks four to five miles every day and also practices yoga for flexibility.

Harley Pastermak, Simpson’s trainer, confirms that the actresses workout routine is mainly daily walking, although there is 10 to 20 minutes of cardio, and another 20 to 30 minutes of resistance training. Simpson says she tries to get 8,000 to 10,000 steps in a day.

The media was really hard for Simpson to deal with when her weight ballooned. The actress confesses that the weight she gained during her pregnancy’s made her feel very insecure and depressed. Simpson said she felt demoralized when she looked at the sale and saw the numbers of what she actually weighed. The mom of two goes on to admit that she never thought she would ever weight that much.

Simpson attributes the success of her clothing line to her weight challenges. The actress says that because she has been every size on the planet, she really understands women and the struggles they all face. Simpson wants to continue creating clothes that make women feel good, and says weight shouldn’t define a person.

To get down to her goal weight, Simpson never once resorted to a crash diet, or simply not eating, something the actress says she is proud of. Simpson encourages others to not cave to the pressure of extreme dieting. Simpson tells others battling weight loss to tune out the world and go inward. The mom says there is something inside all of us that can make us powerful.

Fans are certainly happy to see Jessica Simpson happy again, and back in that inspiring daisy duke shape. Simpson confesses that she has really amped up her workouts for her upcoming wedding to Johnson. Simpson wants to be in the best shape possible for the wedding photos. Just from the picture Simpson posted, she is clearly going to look amazing in her wedding dress.

By Sara Petersen

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